What is Hell?

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Re: What is Hell?

Post by 18andlife » Sun Jan 02, 2011 11:45 pm

I'm not sure what lecture or audiobook it's in, but speaking of heaven and hell, I've heard Tolle tell the story of Zen Master Hakuin's famous encounter with the Samurai the 18th century.


The Samurai came to Hakuin's Zendo and asked the Master: "What is Hell? And what is Heaven?"

Hakuin unexpectedly began teasing the Samurai: "Ohhh, I heard that Samurai's were tough; I can see the reason you are asking me is just this: you're afraid of Hell. Is that it? Are you afraid of Hell? Go tell the Shogun that you are a coward and not worthy to be a Samurai..."

Obviously the Samurai went nuts, drew his sword, and chased Hakuin around the Zendo eventually cornering him behind a pillar. Hakuin was dodging the sword thrusts from behind the pillar.

Finally Haukin said from behind the pillar: "This anger you are feeling right now, that is your Hell."

The Samurai was stunned and immediately lowered his sword, and then realized it was all just a skillful teaching method. The Samurai got very emotional and bowed to Hakuin and apologized.

Hakuin then came out from behind the pillar and said: "...And this relief and compassion you are feeling right now, that is your Heaven."

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