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Re: children

Post by xxx » Sat May 28, 2011 1:19 pm

snowheight wrote:I'm going to hazard a guess that It is the endless quest for more money that most people pop their heads up from when one of these messages resonates...
It is so. The quest for money and possessions is touted as the path to happiness from our earliest childhood, and is continually reinforced by culture (TV). You can see no other message unless you search for it, then you find it within-- not from culture.

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Re: children

Post by eckhart01 » Sat May 28, 2011 1:56 pm

I'm not sure that money is the driving force, rather the promise that money can bring. On more occasions during my childhood, I could count how fulfilled I felt when I had something new; whether it be a possession, money, verbal recognition, it felt good. Temporarily, at least. Once that fulfillment subsides, you are constantly on the look out for the next thing which will bring you to that state. And it does...for a while. It becomes obvious that you are constantly looking for new things to regain that feeling of completeness. This may be a conscious realization, or it may not. Many people have spent lifetimes going between this back and forth: fulfillment, lack of, fulfillment, lack of. Some people may realize that nothing will ever give them that peace indefinitely, while others may not. Even if you do realize it, you will still experience turmoil; you may even be worse off for it because now you can't live in the illusion that something in the future won't give you that feeling forever. At that point, one would hope that the person is beginning to seek fulfillment through spirituality.

Even on a conceptual level, it is evident how mechanical human behaviour is. It almost sheds light on how this perceived notion of freedom is nothing more than a rigid set of instructions that operate human behaviour. And thats just using the conceptual level of mind.

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