The 'G' Word

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The 'G' Word

Post by snowheight » Thu May 26, 2011 8:47 pm

(from this thread):
Natalie wrote:I sometimes feel guided by 'something', as if I am floating through life and whatever I need to attend to just pops-up at the right time it needs to be attended to. I call that 'something' Universe which confuses the heck out of my 8 year old, who has asked, after observing my reaction to a good report card: "Why does Jupiter have to do with me getting good grades?", but I really cannot bring myself to use the 'G' word. I know I am attached to the aversion I feel for organized religion, but even this aversion is not real, so I don't worry about it. My take on it is that if I feel this way is because it is the way I am supposed to be feeling at this time.

I've shared this aversion with you Natalie. It took ET's gentle and loving explanation in the beginning of TPON as to his choice of the word "Being" due to it being an "open concept" to finally start to soften this.

These days the 'G'-word still causes pause but that is in the context of a new tolerance grounded in the cool, inner-peace of direct experience. The non-dualistic gloves still might be thrown down and the mind unleashed for some fun for sure but in the vast majority of instances these days the word just dissolves back into the silence from which it emerged.
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Re: The 'G' Word

Post by Mtn Wanderer » Sat May 28, 2011 1:50 am

I also have shared the aversion, so... realizing there are many like us out there (in here?) who do... I don't use it (except OMG!). After moving away from organized religion and having the folks still trying to convert me... I had to finaly say to them, if God is what you say he is... then he will catch me! Trust in the one you say you trust in! Seriously... Anyhoo... my point is that even when I say 'universe' now I know that even that is too small. I know I've shrunk the ________ to something I can understand, and verbalize. In my opinion there is no way to put language to ________. It will end up with edges like the god of Abraham did. Dogma and all. So... the only answer to myself, or the child, is You are so right. It has nothing to do with jupitor, or the universe. It's just that I have no accurate terminology to describe this entity! Or you can just say OMG :)

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Re: The 'G' Word

Post by randomguy » Sat May 28, 2011 1:40 pm

if God is what you say he is... then he will catch me!
Nice. I used to have a similar thought, that if any[thing | non thing] understands why I don't join a particular religion it is God.

Reminds me of this quote, "I say, if one knows anything in God and affixes any name to it, that is not God." - Meister Eckhart
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