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Re: Spiritual Practices

Post by smiileyjen101 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:29 am

Keymaster said: Turn your positive watch into a negative watch. Next time you have a felt oneness with being, do whatever you can to end the experience. Eventually, there will be nothing you can do to end the experience because oneness is not an experience. Big league advice there.
:idea: Give this man a cracker!!!

I sit in 'god' - (ya-all-know-what-I-mean ^ what KM says ^ there) sometimes it's gentle reflecting, if a 'thing' is still in process, othertimes its awareness in full realisation and 'we' laugh at 'our' antics accept our trespassing - which really is no trespassing at all.

It's far from master-slave or 'religious' or 'humble' or 'silent' (although it is silence and stillness in form). In spirit, it's completely free energy in motion and raucous and funny and illuminating and loving like mates who trust and love each other implicity (because 'we' do because we 'are') looking at the stitches of cause-effect manifestations of 'form' in the tapestry in action, like mates looking at the planning and effects of a practical joke, absolutely taking the piss out of the seriousness of 'life' and any semblance of an individuality.

Not competitively or judgmentally - just 'is' and the awareness of the perfection of it causes, sometimes, ribald banter of mock accusations and feigned shock-horror on 'both' sides in the creation. Which flows back into the love energy of itself.

Sometimes it's like connecting to the no-judgment life review stuff in the light, same 'feel', same 'resonance', same all-encompassing view. Then like coming back into my body, I know in order for the next stich to be put in place the needle has to push the thread through the canvas of the material and once the head of the needle pushes through I may not be able to see the 'hand' that is guiding it, until I once again come back to the 'upside' of the tapestry.

The interesting 'noticing' is even if with a little 'resistance' (the needle piercing through the fabric of life) I take a breath of 'air', like a sea going mammal before diving down to the depths of the .... nothing-ness, which is not 'nothingness' at all, but a limitedness in the 'seeing/standing under' of the all.

- (aside: does it ever amaze you that babies don't need to 'breathe' until they are actually born outside of the waters of the womb?... it does me)

The more often I come up for 'air' or the more time I spend in 'the light', the more deeply into the 'nothingness' I seem to be able to navigate and explore and experience fully.

Thank you for asking this... 'god' is chuckling.
Our rights start deep within our humanity; they end where another's begin~~ SmileyJen

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