The (neo) advaita trap

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Re: The (neo) advaita trap

Post by arel » Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:22 pm

Samadhi I think you make excellent points in this your post. I'm also curious about teachings of this stuff and what makes them effective. I think the more effective teachers are those that point at THAT. Direct teachings I guess. They attempt to describe it. They manipulate attention in such way as to direct it at the realization. ET's present moment pointers, Maharshi's exploration of the sense of self, Nisragadatta's descriptions of what it feels like, as "space, silence, never changing knowing" etc etc. Everybody have their own language, but one is effective in using it by being aware of what is being described and not getting lost in the process.
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Re: The (neo) advaita trap

Post by SandyJoy » Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:37 pm

Hey Samadi,

No, my words were not really pointed at anyone. I liked your original premise.

I understand what you are saying. And yes, Life is both dual and non-dual, and greater than either. I often bring that up too.

This Self of Me is a God given gift. It is more a matter of getting rid of false beliefs about our self...not getting rid of our Self.

But, it is all too much to try to write on a forum. I can see that.

I would add that It is all about a Return...A return to our Self, a Turn around where we to come back to living and loving this world with greater understanding, in a new Light, in a new way.

It is about Love, not so much about intellect, though certainly intellect is included and more.

I was wanting to say the Beauty and Joy and Wonder is that we do have a Self, We Are This Self right now, by the very fact we are aware, we are here, and we know it. The Identity is all that we are. It is within the Heart of us.

The Child within us is the missing corner stone, we look for the Child and find her/him. Then everything makes sense and we do not need change any of it.

There is nothing to get 'rid of' there is just the realization that we are not a life living a 'thing' called birth death time and we not the body, though we have a body, and love this form...we are not the brain, though we have a brain and love our brain, and we have an ego but it is God's Ego, One Self Knowing Its Self by way of This Awareness I Am.

There is Power of Now and Power of love. Now and Love will not let us forgot who we are.

We are starting to remember.

We cannot throw God out of all this, we can throw out the old definition of God, but we do come to recognize God as All That Is.

This is the Living Light of The Ineffable Being and His Grace our Self knowing, right now, and His Love is the Whole totality and the Only answer.

But, I already said all that.

There is nothing we need to deny, or get rid of... The darkness goes away when we turn on the light.

Thanks for your gracious response,

Much Love, SandyJoy
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Re: The (neo) advaita trap

Post by samadhi » Sat Nov 19, 2011 12:07 am

Thanks for your reply Sandy, I didn't realise until afterward that taking someone's message apart paragraph by paragraph might seem more aggressive than I'd intended. I was just using some of your comments to elaborate my thoughts on neo advaita which had initially prompted me the start the thread. I definitely agree with what you're saying above. It's tricky expressing the inexpressible, especially in a message board, where everyone has their own experiences and perspectives, but you sound like you have a real grasp of what you're taking about and that it's heartfelt and authentic, which is always nice to see :)

I also agree Sighclone, when it comes to helping someone who is depressed or suicidal, it's necessary to make them first see the possibility that they CAN move beyond their suffering...and of course they have to WANT to move beyond it. Sadly it's possible for people to become so self-identified with their suffering that part of them is afraid to let go of it. I'm not exactly sure how you get around that one. I often wonder if it's part of an in-built self-destruct mechanism the ego has? Certainly Eckhart talks about how such suffering is a doorway to awakening. That was certainly the case with him, although I think he's quite exceptional.

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Re: The (neo) advaita trap

Post by mystic1715 » Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:58 am

samadhi wrote:This is so funny and perfectly sums up the 'neo advaita' types I've repeatedly run across on the internet. What do you think? ... he-cartoon

Incidentally, I am very much drawn to authentic advaita and have greatly benefited from reading the works of Nisargadatta, Ramana, some of the scriptures and from western interpreters such as James Swartz and Dennis Waite as well. I'm just very wary of the neo advaita crowd, who seem to have a fairly limited grasp of what advaita is actually about and can be real pains in the @$$ to boot :lol:

Back in the old days they were called EST-holes. I had this pulled on me on this forum. The material is legitimate but has been hijacked to puff up the ego and put down others. The opposite of real inquiry into the mind. You ask yourself these questions privately in your own mind and having it come from an external ego with impure intentions is useless.

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Re: The (neo) advaita trap

Post by unbornawakened » Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:08 am

So true ...
the key master wrote:Half of the posts on this goddam forum are nothing more than that, escapism and avoidance, slumber maintenance at all costs. A bunch of delusional minds projecting delusional mind states, which is actually rather fascinating. Everyone mirroring each other's bullshit ...
Imagine if you were born and grew up without ever being exposed to any kind of spiritual ideas, beliefs, religions, etc. ... never read a book about it ... never had any shaman or other person telling you stories about spirits or anything you could not experience firsthand.

Just imagine how you would perceive the world under those conditions.

P.S. It seems to require someone to tell us about those things. And if we think about it seriously, the spiritual tale tells us mostly either of a gigantic conspiracy or a of a deep unconsciousness that has gone on for eons. Only under those conditions would anything spiritual start to make sense (IMHO). Are you ready to make the leap of faith ?

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