Talks at Google : Eckhart Tolle

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Talks at Google : Eckhart Tolle

Post by abc123 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:21 am

Listen, smile, interact and grow. We are learning in a toddlers playground.

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Re: Talks at Google : Eckhart Tolle

Post by suraj » Sun May 20, 2012 12:34 pm

Thanks for the link! ET mentions that there is less ego in Google than some other corporations because it was relatively younger. But his host from Google looked a bit lost at times, probably thinking about his next Google+ strategy.

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Re: Talks at Google : Eckhart Tolle

Post by ashley72 » Mon May 21, 2012 4:29 am

Have you heard of Chade-meng Tan?

This is a picture of him below posing with Obama.


He works at Google... and the job title on his Google business card reads: “Jolly Good Fellow (which nobody can deny).”

But the reason I posted about him... he's written a book called "Search Inside Yourself". ... 0062116924

A great quote from his book...."If mediation is about mental training, then what mental faculties does mindfulness train? Mindfulness trains two important faculties, attention and meta-attention. Attention is something we all understand. William James has a very nice definition for it: "taking possession by the mind, in clear and vivid form."...."Meta-Attention is attention of attention, the ability to pay attention to attention itself. Huh? Simply put, meta-attention is the ability to know that your attention wanders away to something else. After a while, there is something in your mind that "clicks" to let you know, hey, your attention has wandered. That faculty is meta-attention. Meta-attention is also the secret to concentration. The analogy is riding a bicycle. The way you keep a bicycle balanced is with a lot of micro-recoveries. When the bike tilts a little to the left, you recovery by adjusting slightly to the right, and when it tilts a little to the right, you adjust by tilting slightly to the left again. By preforming micro-recoveries quickly and often, you create the effect of continuous upright balance. Its the same with attention. When your meta-attention becomes strong, you will be able to recover wandering attention quickly and often, and if you can recover attention quickly and often enough, you create the effect of continuous attention, which is concentration."

"To me, the biggest joke is that after all that has been done in the history of the world in pursuit of happiness, it turns out that sustainable happiness is achievable simply by bringing attention to one's breath. Life is funny. At least my life is." ~ Chade-Meng tan

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