Perspectives reality and willingness for the truth

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Perspectives reality and willingness for the truth

Post by smiileyjen101 » Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:29 am

I love this 'metaphoric' expression of honesty and owning up to 'lies' and explaining the cause and the consequences of (tongue in cheek) layers and layers and layers of dishonesty being claimed as 'the truth'. ... 19.article

immediately being passed around as a 'news item' :lol:
followed by other 'news' and articles saying PMT may not be the reason for 'female hysteria' ---- all the while, are we aware whose 'perspective' we're really connecting with?

At our very best and our very worst, we are an interesting species.
Our rights start deep within our humanity; they end where another's begin~~ SmileyJen

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Re: Perspectives reality and willingness for the truth

Post by ZenCowgirl » Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:09 pm

I rather liked Tolle's take on periods - not that he had them, but . . . As I recall he said that women have the unique experience of them each month and that it affords women an opportunity to hone awareness. He had other comments worth reviewing - in my opinion.

Basically I like keeping private bodily matters private. I am no prude, but I think privacy is sexy and appropriate. I do not care for the "lady parts" on parade in current American Democrat politics, preferring world where we just handle things, including periods - and stop with the inter-gender wars. Like, what is one supposed to do, feel guilty and shamed about the gender one was born into? I think the whole thing got way off track and that all political movements could be seen as what they are at base which is the flicker of the internal flame of freedom. Let's find out how we are alike, not how we differ. Here is a wonderful piece of music and dance on our likenesses

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Re: Perspectives reality and willingness for the truth

Post by rideforever » Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:07 pm

A friend of mine was working on a hippie farm in Australia and one woman there allowed the blood from her period to flow down her leg and took no action to stop it. Courageous.

I was in a commune in Denmark last year with a communal shower, and I did have a few occasions to shower in the same room as other women - of all ages. Beyond the fear and excitement, is a warm recognition that we are all the beautiful skin. All the same.

It was a magical and wonderful experience. Did I have a boner ? Well, that fear was the thing that was most difficult for me.

The clothes we wear and the attitudes we have towards hiding ourselves ... are given to us to make us miserable - it has been a device to keep men suffering so that people could rule you. You can't rule people who are comfortable.

Women seem to find their c*** disgusting and this is reinforced 100 times a day, by the sensitive lady wash products that are to clean the disgustingness between your legs etc...

I have heard feminists say that the word tnuc should be reclaimed by women for their bodies, as their organs do not even have a name. Not one that they like.

In bed I have had the experience to continuously reassure women that their organs are good. It's all very sad, and a bit tiring when they go back to the women's magazines to top up their self-body-hate.

The whole thing is hateful of our beautiful people, all of whom are love.


Osho is good with these things, Osho can make you juicy again !!

And one beautiful thing of the Osho people is hearing the women laugh ... it's just incredible to hear the free hearts of the women. It's so wonderful to hear.

A wonderful video of the Osho people laughing :
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Re: Perspectives reality and willingness for the truth

Post by far_eastofwest » Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:15 am

well, i've got my own veiwpoint, hahahah!
ET knows diddly squat about women/periods etc. He knows quite a bit about other stuff though.

Not so many women think their bits are disgusting, i don't know any to be honest, in fact quite the opposite, they know quite well they are juicy and desirable, so don't know where the data on women not finding themselves fantastic creatures. Of course they may think that Other People don't find them so nice.... its always about other people when it comes down to it. We all love ourselves on a desert island.

With the lady on the hippy farm (kinda has an orwell ring about it), well i'd offer a tissue (or a nice woven hemp cloth on a hippy farm), just as I would do if someone was having a blood nose. Same blood, same care taken of it. No need to mention the reasons to take care of your own body products. No one would run around with leaky bits unless they are a bit off or attention seeking.
As for feminine hygeine products? Don't think anyone actually buys them? Maybe octegenarians... not in this country anyway.

Clothes, they are the shell.... and people change them, but not often do they change what is under the shell, what is much more important.
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