A Free Gift To You

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A Free Gift To You

Post by SandyJoy » Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:01 pm

A free gift to you in more ways than one.

This little booklet is titled 2+2=Reality.

This little booklet was written many years ago, but the Light of Truth in these pages is profound and astounding--- these words can be life changing for you. It will certainly help you with your studies of Reality and Non-duality. You will get the basic foundation that will help you understand the many varied messages based on non-duality that proliferate today.

The analogies used in this booklet will support and enhance your work with Eckhart Tolle's message, too.

When you begin to read this, please keep going, don't let your initial judgements of the author's 'down home' 1958 Alabama style stop you---once you get fully into the pages you will be truly happy you discovered this message. This is in fact a profound and brilliant little masterpiece---and now, 50 years later, in the light of today's quantum physics, you will realize the powerfully insightful vision being shared with us in this little book.

Really, read this, this new, quantum view of what Reality is could change the world, and I do not think that is hyperbole.


Please, if you like this, pass it along, share it with anyone you like --- Thanks, SandyJoy

And if you love this, and want the book, it is available on Amazon search for 2+2=Reality by William Samuel
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