A Conversation at Woodsong

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A Conversation at Woodsong

Post by SandyJoy » Sat May 10, 2014 4:46 pm

I thought some of you would enjoy reading this piece written by my teacher back in 1984. If you like this, you might enjoy reading the whole book it comes from. William Samuel moved beyond duality and non-duality and came to find a place that includes them both but is greater than both-- He showed me how to find It too-- and You can find it also.

http://www.woodsongjournalnotes.blogspo ... dsong.html

In this book he wrote you will find all signs pointing to the next and essential step in Living your non-dualism in the world-- This is an important work. William was prophetic and he saw the confusion that non-dualism (as it moves into the main stream) would unleash.

He brings everything together that the other teachers of today only have parts of---He sees it all and says it with the wisdom that brings your non-dualism into a one glorious, joyful way of Living It. And, believe me, he knew his non-dualism totally correctly-- long before Tolle's books-- his first two books were perfect and flawless statements on the Absolute. And if you want to get your non-dualism straight before you move on, read his first two books "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity" and "The Awareness of Self-Discovery". You will be amazed as you are brought to real understanding through you own heart.

But he moved on (Truth is ongoing) he saw more, and there is more-- and many of you are beginning to sense this in your own heart's souls-- Read the book "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" by William Samuel-- you can find it on Amazon
You are not finished, until you play in that meadow and live there. You can, you know. But only you can take yourself there.

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