Tom Campbell-Holographic Evolution

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Re: Tom Campbell-Holographic Evolution

Post by Onceler » Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:04 pm

smiileyjen101 wrote:
Rob x said: I don't care much for this ego talk. If someone says to me 'that's just your ego' my response is a kind of quizzical 'so what?'. They may as well be saying 'that's your arm moving'. Of course it is. My arm moves, my ego functions, I even blink when someone startles me. So what?. :D
:D :D :D
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Re: Tom Campbell-Holographic Evolution

Post by KathleenBrugger » Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:58 pm

Enlightened2B wrote:Actually Kathleen, your post brings us back to the closest we've been in a LONG time to the actual video of the thread. yay! :lol:

Since you mentioned evolution, that's what Tom Campbell talks about in the video a bit. But, not so much physical evolution (although he acknowledges that), but evolution in the sense that everything in existence evolves in a certain way to align with its nature.

Life and death are inherent in the Universe at every level. The reason being so that nothing is permanent other than Being itself. Even the season changes represents life and death. Even particles come and go as do cells on a regular basis. The Universe was designed the way it is with the intent to evolve for specific purposes according to Nanci Danison. We might sit here and question why seasons change the way they do. Seasons change the way they do because that its nature to do so. Everything fractally is a cyclical pattern of life and death within the Universe. From the smallest level of a particle to fractally greater levels such as the Universe itself. Think of the Big Bang. Contraction/Expansion. The Universe expands outward (Life) and eventually will contract (Death) and then, the same process will happen again. It's a massive, massive hologram.

So, evolution on a physical scale is much in line with the evolution of the soul perspective in that Ego is contraction and limitation while Awareness itself is expansion and free flowing and unlimited. Everything evolves towards limitlessness (because our nature IS limitlessness and as a result, our nature is to evolve its way back home, so to speak) and expansion on every level before it contracts. Then your body dies. You go to another level of much greater expanded Awareness and the cycle begins again either at another level of Awareness, or back into the physical plane into another body or object.

So, the ego has an IMMENSELY important purpose here. Without it, there would be no expansion/contraction.
Glad to oblige E2B! I'll admit to the fact that I didn't watch the video :oops: but you've sparked my interest and I will, later. Your discussion of limitation is interesting to me, and that's partly because that is the basis of my Game of God metaphysics: The One, God, is absolutely unlimited. If you think about that, it seems to mean that the One can't experience limitation, like having all the worries of being a human (how will I pay the rent this month?, does she love me?, I'm so depressed, etc.). But if the One can't/doesn't experience limitation, then the One is limited! There's something it "can't" do. So the universe is the space in which the One experiences limitation--an absolutely essential part of the wholeness of the One. And what the Game allows is for the nature of that limitation to change and evolve through "time." Starting from that moment of the Big Bang (or whatever), when the unlimited One apparently shatters into the limited Many, states of being in almost complete unconscious (subatomic particles). The history of the universe is the evolution of more and more complexity leading to conscious creatures becoming aware that separation is an illusion, that there is in fact only One. Evolution is the process of recognizing our true nature. But the whole point is in the experiencing of all these shades of limitation--that's why the universe exists. It's not about rushing back to the state of Unity--having that belief means, imo, you are misunderstanding the nature of the Game. The point of life, I think, is to learn to relish the Game, to see the bigger picture and have that illuminate your experience of the limitations of being a human. Which leads to, among other things, compassion for yourself and others, and joy in the ecstatic experience of being alive.
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Re: Tom Campbell-Holographic Evolution

Post by Enlightened2B » Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:43 pm

Nice post Kathleen. I very much agree.

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