My book of Love to you

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My book of Love to you

Post by SandyJoy » Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:57 pm

Hey all my dear friends, my book is now published and available on Amazon. Stop by when you can. It's really pretty wonderful to have it out there. And thank you for asking about it.

There was an initial rush on orders. They are keeping up with restock as fast they can. They'll have more books in stock in a few days. So, if you order it, it will only be a few days wait. It's a book that will really shine some light on the very living of our own insights, faith, and wisdom. I know you will all find it very helpful along your own path to genuine understanding and freedom. You'll see something important to your own journey in my work. I was led by angels as I wrote this, and I know you'll all find something wonderful in the pages. It's about the heart of soul of us. My desire is to take you back to your heart where you can feel, really touch the very power, peace, and exquisite wonder of this Life we are. ... t+at+heart
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