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Ebook Barefoot at Heart Sandy Jones

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:15 am
by SandyJoy
More books arrived on Amazon. See if this link works for you: ... t+at+heart

They ran out of the first bunch. :lol: That's wild. I love this.

And it's now available on Kindle too. If you prefer. However the book is quite lovely, lots of beauty to it, nice to hold and read.

There's some fun stuff on my blog too for you to enjoy. Sweet alliterations that will take you back home to yourself, the abiding peace, and your own creative forces flowing freely. That freedom lets you choose as to how you want to live in this world, no matter the situation or circumstances. It's about the spirit within, not the objective things that come and go.

I've really come full circle into the third place where "it's a mountain again" and even better, it's not the same mountain I left behind. Or is it that I am not same person who left that mountain behind. I changed and the world appears new, fresh, full, rich with color and bounty and beauty.

A holy trinity of three, the third eye is opened, the third "I" perhaps become me. It all combines in an alchemy to be the Joy of living one sweet love.

Oh yes, this is sweet. Love has brought me back in the finite world of matter and things and I find it so enchanting and wonderful to be here in the world. It is a wonderland of some strange and divine mystery. Well, really it's ecstasy to experience this world wholly in love. I want to love this whole beautiful experience of time and matter, form and the finite. I'll let it in, unafraid of Life. I'll let it take me. I love being here in the world. Enjoying it all because it's so very extraordinary to be here. I am willing to experience it all. Bliss. Yes. And the childlike excitement and eager expectations of it all, this Love that abounds in such Wild Joy.

It's heaven on earth now.

Yet, I'd not have ever known the beauty had I not wanted to transcend this finite world and find the Infinite totality of myself. I did that. I went to holy places, I saw eternal. the etherial, the cosmic, infinite Light of life. It was the unbound visions of Love that brought the world back to me, open the gates to this new dimension, this world right here and simply ordinary, yet extraordinary all at once.

Perhaps it not a new dimension, maybe it only looks this way because I am new. I am alive, I see it now without the fog and mist that I would hide behind. Now, I am exposed and fearless and letting it take me like a lover. Sweet Life. I love this adventure. Oh, yes, and you know, I do adore you too.

Re: Ebook Barefoot at Heart Sandy Jones

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 3:54 am
by SandyJoy
Nice reviews of my book "Barefoot at Heart-The Alchemy of Love and the Power of Light" -- You can read them all on my Amazon page:

A book of wisdom and joy....
By Vicki Woodyard on March 16, 2016

Sandy Jones has written a deliciously readable book about awakening to the Child within. A student of the late William Samuel, she carries his message forward in her own powerful way. A real page-turner, you want to follow Sandy on her journey back home to the Self. Her writing is both personal and eternal. You cannot be other than the inner Child. She has learned this and now shows others the way back home. Having read a library of spiritual teachings, I can say that this book is completely genuine. Filled with wisdom and joy, Sandy leads us by the hand until we, too, return to our very own heart. I hated for the book to end, but I suspect we have not heard the last from Sandy Jones. Samuel told her that she was destined to write and teach and she honors him throughout the book. A lovely read indeed....

Her story telling is delightful and sweet, leading you ever deeper towards the inner Child
By Thomas A. Wallek on March 5, 2016

This book reminds me of all those moments where I've experienced God's presence....... moments where I felt the brush of angel wings, and bathed in divine Light. The author connects her experience to ours and allows us to see her life with a clarity of inward purpose and divine instruction..... building her story in a way..... that the ineffable can be seen and even understood. Her story telling is delightful and sweet, leading you ever deeper towards the inner Child, while...... displaying the outward joys of a simple and playful life. This book is poetic, and brazenly romantic. The author's passion for life and God are One.... and compelled me to reflect on what really matters right now..... for my life. I believe Sandy Jones reveals to the reader how anyone can experience God in an organic and natural way..... and through the process of life..... find the spiritual reality of his abiding Love.... and discover more and more......that beautiful Child that God has placed within each of us. This book will open many eyes to see Love in everything. ... tBy=recent

Re: Ebook Barefoot at Heart Sandy Jones

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 6:26 am
by Webwanderer
Congrats Sandy. Hope it becomes a best seller. :D


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Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 8:41 pm
by SandyJoy
Hey WW -- Thank you so much :)

I am so happy with my book. It seems to be doing a lot of good work for those who are ready to find and live this sweet freedom of their own unbound heart and soul. You know, for me, it was realizing that Life is not to be avoided, but to be lived, fully, embraced. It keeps picking us up like a big wave. We get to learn how to surf it, steady and agile and easy, fearless and enjoying the ride. Time-matter- form, events change upon the eternal sea of Love. Sometimes we catch a good one. Sometimes we get sand in our pants, pummeled on the shore. But, it's all beautiful and wonderful, tears and laughter, like a day at the beach when we were children. Oh how I loved to find the seaweed swirling around, tangled up, entwined in those slimy ropes. Life, an exquisite adventure of Illimitable Living Light lived.

Thanks for your love and generosity, I hope you read it. And if you do, write me a review - I'd love that -- Love, Sandy

Re: Ebook Barefoot at Heart Sandy Jones

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:15 pm
by SandyJoy
I thought you would enjoy this little piece - A thank you note and more -- It's all about heart and soul and loving this world, just the way it is. Then, out of this love that pours from us, the mist lifts and the clear light of heaven here on earth is found.