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Barefoot at Heart

Post by SandyJoy » Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:12 am

I've gotten some more wonderful reviews of my book. I am delighted by the enthusiasm and love being shrared. I know many of you will find this book to be very helpful as you go on your spiritual journey. ... t+at+heart

One more little sample for you:

Her story telling is delightful and sweet, leading you ever deeper towards the inner Child
By Thomas A. Wallek on March 5, 2016

This book reminds me of all those moments where I've experienced God's presence....... moments where I felt the brush of angel wings, and bathed in divine Light. The author connects her experience to ours and allows us to see her life with a clarity of inward purpose and divine instruction..... building her story in a way..... that the ineffable can be seen and even understood. Her story telling is delightful and sweet, leading you ever deeper towards the inner Child, while...... displaying the outward joys of a simple and playful life. This book is poetic, and brazenly romantic. The author's passion for life and God are One.... and compelled me to reflect on what really matters right now..... for my life. I believe Sandy Jones reveals to the reader how anyone can experience God in an organic and natural way..... and through the process of life..... find the spiritual reality of his abiding Love.... and discover more and more......that beautiful Child that God has placed within each of us. This book will open many eyes to see Love in everything.
You are not finished, until you play in that meadow and live there. You can, you know. But only you can take yourself there.

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