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Secrets Revealed

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 5:08 pm
by SandyJoy
Here is a wonderful story about William Samuel and a mysterious trail of discovery and revelation --- ... ealed.html

The Secret Revealed June 2013 By Sandy Jones

William Samuel tells us this story in his book titled “The Awareness of Self-Discovery”

“Some years ago I was honored to be the first American student of a renowned teacher in India. For fourteen days a group of us sat at the feet of this "Master," during which time he spoke not one word—not so much as a grunt—until the final day when he bade us farewell and assured us we had learned much.

And to my surprise, I had. It took months before the seeds of those silent days began to sprout one by one, revealing that there are indeed many things for which the uptight, recondite babble of books and teachers is more hindrance than a help.”


Over the years of being Mr. Samuel’s protégée and literary executor, I have been asked many times if I knew who this renowned teacher was. I did not. He never told anyone.

Now I know - Enjoy the journey I write about as I discovered, uncovered who this Master teacher was --

Also enjoy plenty of wonderful reading, excerpts and essays are all gifts to you -- ... ealed.html

Love to everyone - Enjoy