Quantum Man the Guided Missel

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Quantum Man the Guided Missel

Post by SandyJoy » Tue Jul 19, 2016 5:26 pm


William Samuel had the gift of prophecy, which simply comes as the "added things," when we find and live our Original unbound Identity. This profound and brilliant book is written in direct connection with the wisdom and insight that flows from the living of this pristine childlike light of being.

William wrote this book "The Child Within Us Lives!" in 1986. If you read this book today, you will see and understand, now, more clearly the importance of this book.

if you have questions about what you read, please feel free to ask me, Sandy Jones, I understand every word of this book. I am good at reiterating and clarifying his message, if you need help.

The essential point of his message is that when we find this true and real Identity of our self, the pristine Child, this unique and divine selfhood within us, we also find the answers unfolding for us. Understanding comes with the light of this flowing love that Child lives, moves and has its being in.

The following is the introduction to this most profound and truly transforming work.

"The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics "
By William Samuel

Something enormous is soon to happen in the world; there is no sensitive person who doesn't feel this deeply. In every field—science, religion, philosophy, government, business, or whatever—a strange sense of disquiet is growing, a feeling of Something Imminent. As we look about us, we can see that the world is off course. Many who think they understand, point to drugs, overcrowding, pollution, the overload of information, corrupt government and any number of other possible causes. But what is happening now has a more significant and, as yet, undreamed of cause. The recognition of this deeper dimension comes with a solution for the world's problems! This book is about that.

http://woodsongjournalnotes.blogspot.co ... ssile.html

You will find many wonderful things to read here at this Blog spot-- Please enjoy all the excellent excerpts and essays.
You are not finished, until you play in that meadow and live there. You can, you know. But only you can take yourself there.

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