Listen to a beautiful song

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Listen to a beautiful song

Post by AnonyMouse » Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:28 pm


Just wanted to share this great classic song.
It's the theme from the epic 1968 movie "Once Upon A Time In The West".
This is one to listen to in headphones ;)

It's so powerful and beautiful.
Full of love, loss, beauty and sorrow.
I heard it a lot when I was a young boy, on the weekends I was at my fathers place (I watched the movie many times), so I guess it triggers extra memories/nostalgia in me.
Every time I hear it, I cry inside, my heart opens up, I melt and feel more open, awake and alive. I guess I'm holding/blocking much pain and sorrow (well not a guess really)..
But I'm also happy and smiling when I hear it.. It resonates so strong and feels like a home.

(and to me, Claudia Cardinale radiates beauty)

Anyway.. Enjoy (if you like it) :D
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Re: Listen to a beautiful song

Post by Ralph » Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:23 pm

Yes, that is a beautiful song ! and if I may add, what a beautiful actress as well !! .... inside and out.
No words need to be spoken, her eyes says it all. ... re=related

" It's fantastic because I've been living thousands of lives, not only my life. "

~ Claudia Cardinale

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