The Halo Joe Project (Eckhart Tolle In Practice)

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The Halo Joe Project (Eckhart Tolle In Practice)

Post by halojoe » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:50 pm

For those following Halo Joe on this project, she's back and the baby boy arrived safe and well.


About the Halo Joe Project

The Halo Joe Project is based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle in his book, ‘A New Earth’. This blog is one individual’s year-long journey to achieve a radical and profound transformation of consciousness (Tolle p. 5) to realise more peace, happiness, joy, better relationships, less suffering and more abundance.

Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ promises a revolution in human consciousness. Tolle says that humans must “evolve or die” (p. 21). Who wouldn’t want to be part of that? Using the carrot and the stick analogy, the ‘stick’ says that humans will die out as a race unless we evolve, unless our consciousness improves. What is the carrot? Tolle says that if we “awaken”, that is, if we keep our attention consistently in the present moment and persistently exist in the gaps between thoughts, a number of benefits will ensue: peace, happiness, joy, better relationships, less suffering and abundance.

Tolle says that the new earth comes into play when there is a “radical and profound” “transformation of consciousness” (p. 5). The Halo Joe Project sets out to realize a radical and profound transformation of consciousness in one individual. Tolle says that it is our purpose to be part of the universe that becomes conscious of itself (p. 297). What will happen to Halo Joe as she takes up this purpose over the year-long project?

Who is Halo Joe?

Halo Joe lives in a town of 100,000 inhabitants. She is a late-30s mother and wife and has two sons. She works in the printing industry. Her husband, in his 40s, works as salesman. They rent a house, do not have pets, own two cars and don’t have any debts.

Halo Joe is an ordinary person. But she’s interested in what A New Earth is offering. So she is setting out to see if she what all the fuss is about. To see if she can get a slice of the peace and happiness pie too.

And if she can, anyone can.

But she wants to know if the promises of A New Earth are within reach of ordinary people, or if an extraordinary effort is required.

How Does The Project Work?

The project has a month-by-month schedule of activities and exercises.


Please note: The author of this blog has no connection with Eckart Tolle or his publishers. All references to page numbers throughout the project are for A New Earth, Publisher: Penguin Group, 2005, author Eckart Tolle.
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Re: The Halo Joe Project (Eckhart Tolle In Practice)

Post by heidi » Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:29 pm

Nice down home style of practicing pragmatic presence. :)
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