Now vs. Here.

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Now vs. Here.

Post by anton » Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:59 am

Posts: 112
Joined: Sun Sep 17, 2006 8:23 pm
Location: indianapolis,IN

Re: Now vs. Here.

Post by anton » Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:00 am

The Physical Here versus the Now of the Mind as a simple explanation, the Physical Here consist out of the Substance out of which the Universe is made up - which includes everything obviously we are also made up of which are the various forms of atoms and particles and all that co-exist and form the forms that is currently Here. And these also interact at work with the moves with Energy. This Energy is the Physical-Energy, it is not obviously the energy we are showing is the problem which is the metaphysical energy, the consciousness energy which is the big problem because that’s the energy of the Now = the energy of the system.

Now understand that what the Now is, is the System that includes the human and everything the human finds profitable and to its advantage and it excludes 99% of the universe or even the beings that’s alive on Earth that the human don’t even consider exist – that is actually supported by the Physical now. So the Physical Now you could say – for all practical purposes – is God, it is that… it’s the clay from which we are formed and it is the breath that animates and give us Life which is your oxygen and the atmosphere and so on which is all the Physical Here.

The Now is everything that was built out of the Mind of the Human that came forth of the evolution of the mind. It is when the energy that was thinking took form, and when energy takes form it becomes a system, and this system is then functioning to support in separation only a small minority of the living things on Earth – which is the human beings and obviously that which the human beings can abuse to get profit from or to eat.

Now the Now as it exist, as consciousness, and that which is created from the Now using the Physical – like your roads, your cars, your everything related to the human, the machine which is the system = that is not part of the Here, that is part of the Now.

What we’re looking at Equal Money is to bring those things together and start to bring One Here where all things are Equally Supported and considered, utilizing everything that is Here - even the Now. But realizing obviously that the Now is very limited in relationship to what is Here. The Now is a very limited reality – those that profess the Now and do not grasp the extent of the Here – the Now is a fraction-of, a percentage of what is Here – and those that live in the Now have no consideration or clue for what is really Here and what actually happens.

So all and everything of spirituality, everything of the light, everything of all religions, everything of everything that humans have ever known is a fraction – let’s say it’s 1% of what is Here, 99% is not known – it’s not that it’s ‘unknowable’, it is unknowable if you are in the Now because the Now do not incorporate it, therefore in the now it is ‘unknowable’ and therefore seen as unattainable, impossible to consider – too big, too much, it’s considered to be God while - yes it is God, I mean it is that which gives Life, that which gives Life is God.

But understand the problem that those that is in the 1% of the Now is facing, they’re facing the point that their existence within the Now is Not really real, it’s temporary, it is existing as an energetic dispensation that it has been squeezed through a system and which have shaped into a faith or a belief – that means it requires absolute constant attention, and it cannot exist without the participant.

So, those in the Now that is stuck in that reality when you die, now that the soul is no more - and you better investigate why we say ‘the soul is no more’ – when you die you also end, because your continuation after Death was always the soul. Your first objective was to ‘become a soul’ – that means to get the right of existence and you become a soul and then you are on your ‘eternal journey of the soul’ ¬ and then to eventually fasten yourself and sit on the right hand side of God – I mean a great, great, great, great, great magnificent mindfuck that caught everyone completely in a cycle that they do not realize that now when we’re getting to the end of all of this, they have nothing to stand on.

You Die = You End

Because, although you are for a moment part of it as the Now, your Now is so separate from the actual reality that, you have no clue of what’s really real – you have a temporary self created consciousness which can only exist because you created it, you created the way you would like it to be which is your search of happiness – you even have made your own rules in conflict with what is really here! as if you have more power- but it’s all just an illusion obviously - that’s the… if you wanna have a look at the explanation, the illusion that gives you an idea of the illusion, the Now.

And from the perspective of those that is actually walking the Now, the Now seems to be very, very, very, very big I mean yes it really is from a perspective of a human life quite big because, it keeps you busy your whole life and in between you are searching for this ever elusive eternal point that you call ‘love’. But that love you are searching for isn’t real either because you made it all up. It is like you’re telling your children there’s a tooth fairy – the only difference is you have told yourself : ‘there is a love fairy’ and you believe it’s real and you get others to agree with you, and now they agree with you then they are your ‘loved ones’, they are part of your group. But the problem is, and you know this, when you die = you’re gone, and it ends and none of it was real.

And while it’s all happening you do not care about what is Here at all, you don’t care about any other living thing of which there are zillions upon zillions more than there are Humans. But why should you care? because you can’t see them - you’re not aware that they exist, you don’t care if they exist because you’re only interested in the consciousness reality you have created because there, you are pretending to be God – yet, you are the image and likeness as god, of god, you are made in the Physical Substance that God exist as – that’s your body. It functions within that image and likeness – that means your very breath that you have is the breath as it’s given by god, the Physical.

All the consciousness part, that’s your all tooth fairy story = not real – all the lights you are seeing is how you are trying to control the Physical using systems, and if you could see these systems and get beyond the lights, you’ll see how brutal you really are in torturing the Physical into the submission where your want them to be: the vehicle of your consciousness. But it won’t, it just dies and you just end. Yet God has given you so many opportunities to realize yourself and you still refuse to see the obvious Common Sense of what it is that is really Here.

So understand, when we at Desteni say HERE this is what we mean with Here – and when we say Now, we mean your complete existence which is really, really limited to nothing.

So, it is difficult when a person is obsessed with their own creation. It is like a child playing with a toy that doesn’t wanna share the toy with any other child and throws a tantrum whenever somebody threatens their possession which is a toy. They’re busy investigating this toy, they believe this is their complete existence – that’s what people experience with the light and with the now and why is it such an obsession. And because you have created this system like the money system for instance to support your obsession and to make you completely blind to reality, to what’s really-here, you have missed the point.

Therefore we’re presenting a solution to that by integrating the two so you can get to know what is really real, what’s really here which is the Equal Money System so you can start seeing eventually how much you’ve allowed abuse to exist and why you didn’t get the point. And it’s okay because that’s why there’s Self Forgiveness.

Self Forgiveness is your responsibility to Forgive Yourself- you don’t need God, God’s not gonna forgive you, if you don’t forgive yourself you’re just gonna die and don’t exist because you’re an illusion – so god can’t forgive an illusion because the illusion is an illusion, it doesn’t exist!

You wanna be real, you have to forgive yourself and you’ve gotta become Self Honest to realize ‘but god! What have I done? I have separated myself from my image and likeness which is the Physical and I have created an illusion – which is consciousness – and within that I have completely forsaken my creator, my physical and disregarded it completely’ – there is no forgiveness for that, Self Forgiveness allows you to return to the Physical and Self Honesty allows you to realize to what extent you have created an illusion that looks physical but it isn’t – and to get back to what is really here and then, from that Common Sense and all the things that go with it, becomes rather a process of Equality from an accumulation point, I mean the Physical God is very methodical, it’s precise – god is perfection, the Physical is such. You put points together perfectly and you have perfect creation: it’s stable, it’s here.

We’ve abused so much, so many things, it’s necessary if you dare to investigate Desteni to investigate what we’re sharing, to investigate if you can the Desteni I Process and if you can’t afford the Desteni I Process to come Blog with us, we’ll assist you – then you can get a ______ to do it. Everybody gets a chance that’s willing to help themselves, you’re the only one ever standing in your way of becoming real in Self Realization.

All you have to give up is your toy you’re playing with which is consciousness, and remember the toy isn’t real, it’s just an obsession.

Give it up, join us - because God the Physical is Not continuing with this kindergarten and it is the graduation and if you do not graduate, if you do not return to reality = you will not exist.

Namaste! So I recognize the physical in you your body and what you consist as your breath, and as I’m speaking you recognize that I have that as well – that is Namaste, we recognize the Physical in each other which is God. Not consciousness, that’s the bullshit story - Namaste.

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