This 'Thank you' post conveys more than 'Thank You'

What you can do to show your appreciation and support.
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This 'Thank you' post conveys more than 'Thank You'

Post by borris83 » Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:45 pm

I knew what Internet is, about 7 years ago and I knew what the forum is, 5 years ago..

But now I have met not a forum, but a good commune of 'awakened', 'awakening' and 'will awaken for sure' people...

And if you search for the Internet with terms like 'awakening', 'enlightenment', 'consciousness' and whatever else you have learned from those 'awakening' books, you may end up with website of an enlightened master, a blog or an announcement about a new retreat in coming October.. But the few of you who have ended up in registering in this forum are very lucky.

I knew this forum a week before I registered here, and I never thought about registering before... But gradually I realized that this forum can be very helpful if it is used in the right way, and I came to know that many people who are 'very well on the path' are browsing this forum everyday...

And the forums that I have registered before had questions which were only questions... The answers were only answers..
But here, every question is an answer and every answer is a question.. Hope you have understood what I mean..

Sorry, I can't express my gratitude by buying those books from Amazon right now, but I think I can spent some minutes here to express it...

Because of the deficiency of time and 'words', I finish it with this now... But may continue to thank tomorrow, if you don't mind...

Dear 'Eckhart Tolle Discussion Community!'.. I love you!

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Re: This 'Thank you' post conveys moren than 'Thank You'

Post by karmarider » Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:02 pm

I express my gratitude as well.

People are awesome and the discussions have helped me go deeper into presence.

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Re: This 'Thank you' post conveys more than 'Thank You'

Post by Sighclone » Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:09 am

I echo both these fine new members -- I relish the time I take from the rest of my life to enjoy the wisdom and love less today than 18 months ago when I straggled along after a big kensho to find some help.

A person is not a thing or a process, but an opening through which the universe manifests. - Martin Heidegger
There is not past, no future; everything flows in an eternal present. - James Joyce

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Re: This 'Thank you' post conveys more than 'Thank You'

Post by erbeeflower » Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:10 am

There is indeed a uniqueness yet commonness here,that is simply resourceful, profound,inspiring and loving...a 'real' shining example of (hope for) humanity....priceless :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'm still enjoying thinking and exploring too much to get stuck here :-)

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Re: This 'Thank you' post conveys more than 'Thank You'

Post by Onceler » Mon Feb 15, 2010 8:32 pm

Be present, be pleasant.

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