I had become hyper conscious, suggestions please

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I had become hyper conscious, suggestions please

Post by vishnu » Wed Dec 02, 2020 10:07 am

Hello Everyone,
I am Vishnu Gautam from India. I had read 'The power of now' 3 years back and also the 'Practicing the power of now' but I didn't follow it thoroughly but occasionally when I travel. I love the book also suggested to many people.
For the past 1 and half year I had consumed bad substances 3 weeks once and suddenly from 3 weeks back anxiety started. I felt miserable and went to a psychiatrist for consultation. As usual I am taking medications now. Its because of the usage of the harmful substances it triggered the reaction but I was not a complete addict who needs it regularly but I take on an average monthly once per se.
Now I quit it and 45 days clean. Not interested to consume anymore.
After this anxiety popped up, I again wanted to involve in the practice of power of now and try to accept the reality.
Lately my biggest fear is that 'I had become too aware of myself, like - why I see here, why I see there, why I react to each stimuli' those kind of basic abstract questions I have lately and I fear I am loosing my mind. So, I had bought few audio books of Ekhart and also practicing the power of now to handle those thought.
All I want to know is, is it a normal thought and that I overreact? and can Power of now and following Ekhart's audiobooks and practicing the now can help improve my condition and bring clarity?

Your answers will help me overcome the anxiety and improve my lifestyle! Hoping for a quality feedback!

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Re: I had become hyper conscious, suggestions please

Post by tchest77 » Sat Dec 26, 2020 5:39 am

Congratulation on not doing drugs! I did them for so long, they messed me up. Totally a lost soul I was doing them in the first place, and it just dug a deeper ditch more then I could imagine. So congrats, never go back to them.

Can you explain what you are specifically anxious about?

You state, "Is it a normal thought and that I overreact? and can Power of now and following Ekhart's audiobooks and practicing the now can help improve my condition and bring clarity?"
You coming into realization of all of your senses, in a way, being hyper focused, yes, this is a problem, however, it is not to loose your mind over, and this can be corrected. I can understand how disturbing this must feel, but realize, something is going on that is causing this. Since I'm not your doctor, only they can give you a clinical diagnosis, however, this doesn't mean they are right nor wrong, but advice to consider and follow if you'd like. If this problem you are having is troubling you so much, please seek medical assistance as needed because your life is precious, and this mind or ours needs to get relaxed and under control.

I do know that drugs can cause what you've experienced, I've experienced similar things, but such things are what I can experience now and realize how normal those thoughts are, but when they occurred I did freak out cause they were something that scared me, like am I going to look at the world differently, or have thoughts that I'm having now come into my reality to cause me to feel insane.

I would say do whatever works to find clarity. The Power of Now can help, since it is all about realizing you can pay attention to your thoughts and emotions but not act upon them while noticing they exist and happen, but this doesn't mean you need to follow them nor be controlled by them, so in essence you experience the experience of being the observer of your experiences. This is a practice and requires time just like anything that requires time and practice to improve.

If that doesn't work, we move onto the next thing. However, you must be honest, when you practice something, how do you practice, is it done quickly, or often, or is it really not done in your life to see if it works, or does it just get frustrating so you stop. You see, that's why dieting and exercise are difficult, people don't commit, then when they do and don't see results they are happy with they quit or don't try as hard.

The next best thing would be to find another form of practice. However, this doesn't mean you abandon what you've tried and didn't work, it just means that maybe what you've tried and didn't work just means you weren't ready so maybe go back to the thing that didn't work to try again.

So, it comes down to living a life, working with ourselves to find how can we improve and understand who we are, our existence and sense of self, trying to overall make life a thing we can enjoy without feeling insane or that life sucks.

I've come into a study of understanding my sense of self that has helped me tremendously, so another thing that can help.

There so much out there that can help, such as medication, finding the right therapist, or even medication that can help, it's a matter of trying different ways, all with the intention that you are looking for improvement and self growth, and what you will notice is that improvement does occur. And the end goal isn't to be done and finally have improved, but to realize that each day, each moment, is to improve as a lifestyle, a way of life, instead of trying to get to the finish line.

Good luck on your journey!

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