What a beautiful moment this is

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What a beautiful moment this is

Post by KittenLove » Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:17 am

Good day to all!

I have been reading posts on here for a while and just finally decided to join. I am almost done with all of Eckhart Tolle's books and WOW! What a transformation this has been! I went from living in my pain body to being aware of it's existence and striving for change in my attitude and my approach to life! I have also had a lot of friends see my transformation and they have come to me for guidance which now comes in the forms of quotes and books. I love it!

A little about me: I'm a female in my late 20's. I am in school hoping to become a social worker. I love animals. I love to cook. I love to learn. I love sunshine, sadly I don't get enough of it! Oh, and I love Eckhart!!! :D

I'm hoping we can all challenge each other and offer guidance on this crazy journey through life. I am hoping to share and receive knowledge with all of you. I would also love other book recommendations as I'm nearing the end of Eckhart's book list. Although, I love reading them over and over, I am ready for some new teachers as well. I also just finished The Art of Happiness which was a very good read. :)

Hope you all have a great day!

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Re: What a beautiful moment this is

Post by Webwanderer » Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:58 am

Welcome KittenLove. No doubt you'll find some quality discussions here - well, mostly :P . As always it is your responsibility alone for what you take to be true. The best guide of course is that you carry with you as your own alignment with Source. Your contributions to the dialogs here is welcome and encouraged.

As to recommended books, here is our section dedicated to what others have found useful. Enjoy.

http://eckhart-tolle-forum.inner-growth ... m.php?f=27


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