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Intro II

Post by ADecker » Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:18 pm

Let's try this again.

Old guy. 61 yrs. (I hope aging doesn't affect one's ability to awaken, if there is such a thing - "ability to..." I mean - because the older I get the more urgent the seeking becomes.)
Been a meditator(TM) since the post-psychedelic early 70's. Tried a few other methods including ACIM, brainwave soundtracks, Sedona Method; most recently Adyashanti's "True Meditation" and I've begun to learn stuff from Eckhart.
I'm about half way through The Power of Now, which I picked up in the wake of a very profound guided meditation live online with Eckhart in April this year, and began to feel or sense what I thought was the presence he speaks of, quite strongly.
My ego got scared and brought out the "total skeptic," who considers all spiritual or mystical experience to be most likely nothing more than projections of an unbelievably virulent imagination. For weeks any thought of this type of thing was met with nothing but "explain-it-away" "reasoning," doubt, disbelief.
A wave of fear, I guess, but it seems to be receding and I can once again wonder...about Eckhart's teaching without recoiling. I've even picked the book back up.

And I have questions. That's why I'm here.
"Only my skepticism keeps me from being an atheist." - Voltaire

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Re: Intro II

Post by rideforever » Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:44 pm

Now is a good time to go back and investigate the wall that had locked you up a few weeks back.

It will come again unless you have dismantled it. When the 'ego' is virulent it will overcome you ... but right now, in peace time, is a good strategic time to slip back and investigate it. To understand exactly what it is, why it is, what it does and why.

In the long run this will pay dividends.

You can bring to mind the ego of last week ... and remember what it was doing ... and look closely at each thought, mood, feeling.

If you have the ability to practice some inner separation - and this can be hard-won - then it doesn't matter what the ego is saying, because you can always watch it.

And in fact if you are able to do that ... then the more crazy the 'ego' gets, the more there is to watch.

And suddenly all those things that were problems are now your food of growth.

But ... you must understand the ego and the whirlwind of thoughts to a level were you are not longer 'afraid' of them. Where you see the storm, and you stand there facing it.

These skills are developed, day by day, moment by moment, by remembering your own fearlessness and remaining present.
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