12 step recovery work

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12 step recovery work

Post by jimmyrich » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:36 am

Hi gang:
Many years ago, I got so bad that I had to go for help so I ended up in 12 step groups like: ACOA, CODA, AL-ANON, AA, INCEST SURVIVORS and some others plus a little one on one therapy. Going to sharing meetings created an intense need to think more, read more, explain and understand more, use words more and get really deeply into my mind/feelings/past/pain/issues/family dramas, etc. After several years of all this mind stuff and working to fix my damaged ego/self, I began to want or need something else but I never realized that I really wanted some freedom from my MIND and all of it's compulsive, driven, unhappy, fearful thoughts and activities. I had been introduced to the teachings of Ramana Maharshi years before my mental/emotional melt down which sent me looking for help but had given up on "who am I?" stuff way before that. So after gaining some peace and understanding in psychology, I felt a need to reconnect with my old, abandoned spiritual interests like Ramana, etc. Somehow, I came in touch with Eckhart and things really began to "take off" but gradually faded. Then I discovered the book: Happiness is a choice by Barry kaufman and, once again, things really began to "click" as I found I could make myself happy just by wanting it - for a while! Things have been rather dull and slow but I now know how to keep my own spirits up, be happy, and some other self esteem/self worth skills and tools but something is still "missing". Then the other day, I opened my old, dusty copy of Practicing the Power of Now and once again got in touch with my Real Self just by stopping my ever spinning mind using one of Eckhart's techniques. Suddenly, I could see/feel what has been wrong for so long: habitual, oppressive, endless THINKING! LOL, us Recovery ppl really can get carried away with mental dramas but rarely realize it's happening too us. I've spent a few pleasant days occasionally getting out of perpetual thought and it's GREAT! So simple and direct using ET's techniques so it looks like I'm back on the ET bandwagon. Not sure why I left him before but he's still got the best direct stuff I've found not to diss the other great teachers out there and I've read and practiced with a lot of them. Among the things I noticed about self help stuff is the issue of unresolved or unhealed feelings/memories from a traumatic past which was why I went into psychological programs rather than spiritual ones. I believe there are a lot of "spiritual" ppl who are using spiritual/mystical practices to cover up and deny these inner, buried and unhealed old emotional wounds from childhood so all the meditation and teachings there are may not help such a person heal their old wounds (assuming they are real). I'm pretty sure my old, family wounds were real and I spent a lot of time, tears, sharing and VENTING to expose and heal as much as I could so now it's off to the Spiritual side of life with ET - at least for a while or longer.
Thanks for letting me share.......

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Re: 12 step recovery work

Post by Sighclone » Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:08 am

Welcome jimmyrich! And thank you for your many comments since joining so recently, and for sharing your story. Please try to remember that we have some basic rules here, which is to not use abbreviations like "ppl," and to use paragraphs. The Rules are here:
http://eckhart-tolle-forum.inner-growth ... f=9&t=2051 (If another mod has waggled his or her finger already, I apologize.)

This forum enters its tenth year for many reasons, not the least of which is that we all follow the Rules (which evolve, yes, and are applied inconsistently at times, yes, etc.) Mainly they derive from respect for others, which includes requiring standard English usage for the benefit of our many non-native English members.

Regarding flipping "in" and "out" of egoic identity, you might enjoy Tim Freke's perspective on this, starting at about minute 9 here:


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