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I am a 31 year old male who just moved into a larger city a few years ago. The reason for my choice was because I wanted a better job and more adventures which is what i got.

Anyways funny enough I found out about Eckhart though a Pick Up Artist instructor named Owen Wilson. I studied pickup because I've never been as good with women as i wanted to be and I was born an introvert thus I was never that social or outgoing. Eckhart's teachings came into play by basically saying 'everything is alright regardless of the situation the outer form takes.'

I believe I am still a student because I tend to day dream about winning the Lotto all the time... Whats worst is that even though I consciously aware that I am day dreaming about winning the Lotto I still choose to day dream... Because you know life would be so much cooler if you drove a quarter million dollar car and lived in a luxurious condo... /s There are still other faults that i have but I am not going to get into them here.

Like many of you I've read a couple of his books, watched hours of videos of him and have attended local meetups for presence.

I am also still a little confused about the difference between self esteem and Ego. Is there a fine line between having a good self esteem and being an egoist?

Currently I am working on destroying the Ego by putting myself in social situations where the Ego usually gets hurt. Its worked. I am no longer shy when i go to job interviews. I no longer get intimidated when I am talking to people I've never met before. I can feel perfectly tranquil and at ease in a loud club environment. And even if I do get shy or feel uncomfortable in a situation I laugh at myself and see it as a good thing because that just means my comfort zone is expanding.

Anyways thanks for reading my little story about me.. lol

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