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Re: I`m glad...

Post by Onceler » Fri Mar 13, 2015 1:00 pm

I'm interested in the idea of HSP. Various teachers talk about barriers and boundaries coming down as we wake up....essentially becoming more sensitive to ourselves and the world around us. John Sherman talks about the porousness of boundaries between people as a byproduct of losing fear and dropping no longer necessary defenses against the world. It all comes rushing in. We feel, to a greater extent, what others around us are feeling and this can be quite painful.

I haven't really experienced this myself, although conversely, I have always been sensitive to others and what they are feeling, so I know somewhat what DavidB is talking about. I work with kids with learning disabilities which can be quite intense as there is a lot of emotion around not be successful in school. I need to be alone when I come home from work; exercise or work outside is the best recovery. I can see how alcohol use would be seductive for this recovery.....fortunately, while I drink occasionally, I haven't become addicted. (Food is my addiction). I also do meditative Qi Gong in the mornings for about 40 minutes and really feel off when I don't do this practice. So there is a lot of self care that I have found necessary in getting through the world and if I lapse in this self care I feel the effects.

Does anyone else notice the increased sensitivity to others as they become more open spiritually and psychologically?
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