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Post by Continuum » Thu Apr 09, 2015 6:58 pm

Hi I'll go by the name Continuum here! hihi

Muslim means one who submits to God and though I am not a subscriber of the Islam faith, I consider myself to literally being a Muslim for I submit to the will of what most people in the Western culture call God. I do not usually call God God unless I am trying to relate to others; instead, I try to use less charged words like the source or perhaps even the continuum.

I am a pantheist for quick reference though I do not worship the universe or reality. Nor do I worship God. I am on a journey trying to find my place in reality and to find the true nature of reality and God.

Above all else that I might be, I consider myself (and God too) to be an artist. I am an artist of many mediums ranging from mathematics to poetry as well as martial arts and I make tons of videos.

I do not consider myself to be enlightened for reasons that might be tricky to explain. It's always hard to talk about nonduality and a united POV. Just saying "I am enlightened," imo, is not ever accurate for it presupposes a separation between "I" "am" and "enlightenment" which when one is enlightened I think are all realized to be one in the same.

I am here to learn and grow. Thank you.

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Re: Greetings

Post by Enlightened2B » Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:02 pm

Welcome to the forum Continuum.

I like very much what you say about the 'I am enlightened' part. It does add a subtle hint of duality. I too, am not enlightened, as you'll likely find the same for most of us here on this forum. Most of us here are just sharing our experiences, none greater than any other.

The way I see 'I AM', is that all is already I AM, yet, I AM, can experience itself as anything (more limited, or less limited), but ultimately, there is not separation between I AM and the relative form it experiences through. I AM Enlightend2b, ( I AM Mike) yet I AM also.....that I AM. Confusing enough :D

Glad to hear you're here for growth and learning. Enjoy the journey.

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