Hi, Holland, 20 year old Male

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Hi, Holland, 20 year old Male

Post by Klyner007 » Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:49 pm

Hi there,

I am very glad to meet you at this forum :)

I am from the Netherlands and awakened 17th May this year for the first time. I knew there was something not right in my life and years I tried to find what was missing. Like probably a lot of you I felt very unhappy. Somehow I knew that there must be another way of living life than I used to maintain.

I knew I was throwing myself into the lion's den once I joined a student house with 7 girls sleeping on the same floor. I was very stressed, I made days which contained 5 hours of traveling by public transport 5 days/week in which I also worked 8 hours for my internship(not nearby as you probably will have noticed), I was uncomfortable with talking to girls and also complained a lot once I was at home with my (unconscious) family. I suffered a lot during the first weeks/months in my new (student)room. Constantly thinking about the opinions or thoughts that the girls in my corridor could or would have about me. I was very uncomfortable and my room didn't feel like home at all! I had to take action. I already did take action for years, but nothing ever seemed to work until then. I decided to enroll myself for a course about uncertainty and bought three books whose one of them was 'the power of now'. The power of now awakened me on one day :)

Life in presence feels so much better then life which is being controlled by the ego! I try not to lose my inner purpose, but I hope that on one day I will have the feeling of presence which will never leave me again. <3


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