Alex's Introduction past and PRESENT

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Alex's Introduction past and PRESENT

Post by aikendrum » Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:45 am

Greetings and salutations to one and all……

Eckhart’s teachings came into my life fairly recently by way of his audio CD’s. I reached a point in my life where I had to turn somewhere, constant jumpiness and paranoia leaving me drained and depressed most of the time. For the first weeks and months after tuning into Eckhart’s teachings I felt blessed to be alive, everywhere I turned was the beautiful nectar of our creator’s hand. Each leaf, star and cloud reflected something so very subtle yet powerful to me that made me tingle inside…waves upon waves of energy boiling up, my hair standing on end rejoicing to be alive!
Coupled with these feelings, at last I could relax in the presence of others….no longer was I rushing off to do something or worrying about it…..instead I took my time and went into the places that before I would have run from.

I know you know what I’m trying to express……sometimes it seems almost silly to talk about it to others on a different wavelengths…..most of you have sensed this bliss if only for fleeting moments, it’s the same and the reason why we’re here.

This was not the first time in my life that a teacher had entered my life and affected it so profoundly, in the late nineties I stumbled upon Paul Lowe whilst he was in Perth, Western Australia.
I followed his teaching for a year or so, but at the time was using recreational drugs, alcohol and smoking which made me quite unstable and unreceptive to what he was trying to convey. Never the less what did sink in lasted for some time and made me realize the opportunity to reach a sober peace.

In fact now I look back my past is littered with wise old souls who have given me there helping hand along my rocky path.

Just recently another beautifully soul has come into my life…..our baby daughter Sophia Emily….my wife and I are overjoyed at having her……this is a true blessing that certainly stopped my mind.

Apart from the initial euphoria and peace which I described above, my life continues to be much less stressful and at ease through Eckhart’s guidance…..

As for my life situation, I am a telecommunication engineer currently working in the Dominican Republic. I was born in England in 1975 and emigrated to Australia with my family in 1987. Married to my Ecuadorian wife for just under a year and our 6 week old baby has 4 nationalities Dominican, British, Australian and Ecuadorian!!

There is much more I’d like to chat about….especially the inner body….but my mind is getting out of control now :)


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Post by heidi » Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:56 am

In fact now I look back my past is littered with wise old souls who have given me there helping hand along my rocky path.
Ho Alex - Gald you're here. Old souls, new souls, I welcome them all. :)
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