Hello from Yorkshire, England

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Hello from Yorkshire, England

Post by JR40 » Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:08 pm

Hello, my name is Jane and have been inspired by ET's teachings for a few years now. I have spent all morning reading various threads on this site, and found myself thinking that the more we discuss ideas, the more 'lost' in thought the original teachings become. I like the idea ET advocates of silent gatherings but have never been to one. However, I decided to join as I would like to experience a more interactive involvement rather than a passive one, and who knows where it could take me.

I am not sure where a morning of reading the posts has taken me (was it performed in presence, or being lost in my own little world?) but I am sure it will have been more useful to my wellbeing than looking at clothing stores for a new summer top would have been!!!!(which is what I came on line for).

Anyway, it is nice to talk to someone about ET and his teachings as I have not yet met anyone who has read his book (and I KNOW that the people I gave ANE to as a gift havent read it - it's obvious!!) I look forward to taking this journey and accepting where it will go.

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Re: Hello from Yorkshire, England

Post by Sighclone » Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:27 pm

Good morning JR40, and welcome. Yes, we use words and ideas here. That is, for better or worse, the medium of communication of a web forum. And yes, they can become distractions. But, at the same time, from reading ET and others, we see and feel that they can also resonate deeper realities of Being. We hope you enjoy your time here.

If you enjoy any one individual's writing, you can click on that member name and then read only that person's posts. May I recommend kiki as a starting point.

Namaste, Andy
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