Hello from North Carolina, USA

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Hello from North Carolina, USA

Post by Satyam1980 » Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:46 am

I've known and been listening and reading Eckhart for many years. In fact one thing which brought him to mind recently is the fact that my wife is reading The Power of Now currently for a course in Healing Touch which will soon lead to her certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner. It so happens that she and I are both Osho sannyasins since 7 Feb 1980 and have continued o along the same non path for over 32 years. We once operated an Osho Center (Shunyam Rajneesh Sannyas Ashram later called Osho Shunyam Meditation Center) for a number of years. We both spent some time Pune, me, a month in August '80, she then and twice more. We also spent some time in Rajneeshpuram. I was actually a resident for 5 months ending in the summer of '85. In 1994 we were among the first members of Osho Academy (Sedona, AZ) for three or four years. Some of that time I served as the salad chef in a restaurant owned by some of the groups founders called The Sage. It was a fun time but ultimately the restaurant closed and we have moved back east near Asheville, NC and now live here with our two adult children and spouses.

Anyhow, we have both been fans of Eckhart's for a number of years. Though he is far different in many ways, than the man we call our master, we find his explanations of some concepts a bit easier to understand, not so important to me but nevertheless, I really enjoy his take on things and find nothing said by him, thus far, to contradict Osho's words.

Currently I am supporting Osho World's efforts to spread Osho's words and am, sort of by default, the on line go to guy for people asking questions or seeking help. It's not an official position and I've not been the the community in Delhi but have been instrumental, in some small way, in shaping the forum. Mostly I post bits and pieces of discourses I am currently listening to. Nothing fancy but I maintain a blog which I post on Facebook, Google+ and the Osho World Forum from. Links: http://www.oshoworld.com/ ; http://forum.oshoworld.com/ ;

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Re: Hello from North Carolina, USA

Post by spikyface » Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:53 am

Welcome to this well-lit corner of the internet :)

An interesting path seems to have brought you here
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