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Re: Internal Server Error

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:46 pm
by Natalie
Server very very fast this AM of Friday, January 7 (ET) even from a cell phone
Whoooo hoooooo!!!!

Re: Internal Server Error

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:40 pm
by erict
Yesterday they were threatening me that if I don't resolve the high load issue within 30 days they will suspend my account and I will have to move to a dedicated server. But it looks like I found the source of the problem and eliminated it :) I just got the following email from the hosting support:
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for contacting Hosting Support.

I understand you are additional information regarding the over-utilization of the on the INNER-GROWTH.INFO hosting account. While we are unable to provide you the specific CPU usage, our review of this account has shown a considerable drop in utilization.

If this behavior remains consistent for 7 days, your account will be considered compliant and we can resolve this incident.

Please let us know if we can assist you further.

Daniel J.
Advanced Hosting Support
Beware of spambots. Once I thought they were just a small nuisance, but turns out it can get much much more serious than a few unwanted, irritating messages. More traffic and access requests were generates by the bots than actual forum users. Amazing.

Re: Internal Server Error

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:24 pm
by Quinn
Wow. Great detective work there, Eric.

Re: Internal Server Error

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 12:11 am
by Salem
Everyone seems to have covered what I've experienced so far, with one exception: for several days, maybe about a week, threads I've subscribed to have been updated and I have received PMs, but I have not received any notifications. Does anyone else have this issue?

Re: Internal Server Error

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:13 am
by Sighclone
Much Faster! And I got that little question to detect spam bots, which I have not seen for a while -- thank you eric!!!


Re: Internal Server Error

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:50 pm
by runstrails
I was unable to access the site entirely all Friday evening and Saturday (Jan 8th). It would say "looking for the server" and then time out. Was it just me? Anyone else have this problem?

Re: Internal Server Error

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:01 pm
by Natalie
That happened to me during the time Eric was working-around the glitcht. I haven't noticed any problems since Friday, Jan 7th, AM.

Re: Internal Server Error

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:01 pm
by the key master
Yea that happened to me too rt, no access until today. It wasnt a server error though it simply stated website unavailable...

Re: Internal Server Error

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:12 pm
by goldieflower
Amazon link? I don't see it anymore and I had to order something yesterday, so I couldn't link for credit ...

Is it gone or do I need to check my computer?

And I just noticed that three Smilies are gone. NBD but just letting you know, for history.

Everything else is speedy

hee hee - almost signed XXOXOOXOXO which is my typical "bye"

Re: Internal Server Error

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:58 pm
by erict
Since about 24 hours ago I noticed that I cannot access anything on my domain. I called the support, and the first representative said that there is no problem, because he can access the site, then he contradicted himself and said my account has been suspended (misinterpreting the recent issue where the account was moved to a different server due to the high load it was causing). The conversation with him got me nowhere. Luckily, I had the number of the network violations department, who are handling my hosting account for now, until they verify for about a week that the high load issue has been resolved (so far so good). Here I had more luck, but nothing conclusive. The representative identified something with the DNS that could be causing this, and took action, which is supposed to fix it.

At the moment I still cannot access anything on the inner-growth domain, neither from home, nor from work. As far as I could establish, the problem affects certain geographical locations / internet service providers. To access the forum (or anything else on the domain), there are two ways that I am aware of. The first is through a proxy, such as: or
The second way that seems to fix the problem is to change the DNS servers your computer or router is using to OpenDNS:

It's not entirely clear to me how DNS servers work, what might be causing this and what to expect. So if anyone who is reading this knows more about such issues, I'd be glad for some advice.

It's pretty strange, but interesting how one day after fixing a serious hosting problem, there's a mysterious problem with the domain. At least the hosting issue resulted in a complete reinstall, which I would not otherwise dare, and now the forum is running faster than ever... :)