"Simply Notice" - Peter Dziuban

"Simply Notice" - Peter Dziuban

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Peter Dziuban does not shrink from challenging duties as a nondual writer. His first book, “Consciousness is All” is a tour-de-force of nondual concepts, but quite repetitive. I enjoyed it though, and have met Peter who is delightful. He has a series of videos on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g9D7SI5cZw Like some of my long-time favorites, (Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta and Adyashanti,) he does not often reference the writings of other nondual teachers. Yet the second half of “Simply Notice” is quite similar to Rupert Spira’s “Presence,” another recent book by a popular nondualist. Both point out that we are always very intimate with our experiences, and that we are not really separate from the objects we see and touch. In addition to the end of the egoic identity, this concept is hard to understand. But Peter, more than Rupert, makes it more possible to experience, starting with "noticing."

In person, Peter is less intense than in the YouTube videos, and yet very enthusiastic about nonduality. Peter likes the cutting edge of this stuff, pushing hard on the comfortable envelope of conventional wisdom. “Simply Notice” encourages introspection, of course, and contains a number of exercises, in increasing subtlety, in noticing. The transition to exposing the illusion of physical reality seemed a bit abrupt to me. But that concept is pretty radical, so perhaps it was just me reacting. Also missing (but perhaps to be part of “Book 2”) is reference to lila in maya, or the joy inherent in the “things and people” of life, illusory though they might be. That it is missing from this volume is okay with me, but we do not all have the luxury of Ramana’s ashram where they fed him for twelve years. We have to constantly engage in a world completely defined by traditional, conventional duality / multiplicity, and people who identify with their bodies and identify you with your body. He reminds us, though, that Pure Awareness, Life / Love is a perspective which is always available because it is the only inclusive and complete “real” perspective. These moments are a refuge at first, and later, become a Home. Thanks, Peter! It is an interesting novel approach, useful for beginners...I just wonder if a beginner can progress from the baby steps of the first few chapters to the big leaps at the end.
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