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Re: (is it) all creative non-fiction

Postby Fore » Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:12 pm

Sighclone wrote:But just because you "are" awareness does that mean you cannot feel it?


Dukkha(unsatisfactoriness) is experienced/felt. Awareness is not an "it", awareness is a dimension beyond the impermanent ever changing world of form.
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Re: (is it) all creative non-fiction

Postby runstrails » Tue Mar 18, 2014 2:41 pm

Sigclone wrote:
But just because you "are" awareness does that mean you cannot feel it?

Interesting discussion. Here are my thoughts on the subject:
Since awareness (or aware reality) is your true nature, you are it all the time (24-7; no matter what is going on). However, when you are calm, content, sattvic, then you are closest to what is perhaps the most accurate reflection of your true nature (in this human body, anyway). Vedanta and yoga call is anandmaya kosha (bliss sheath) and Gary Weber calls it the neuronal state that your brain is hard wired to prefer. Neither Vedanta nor Gary label bliss ultimately as pure awareness, but rather it is the state that is closest to, or preferred by, or a reflection of pure awareness. The Gita does caution against getting too attached to the bliss state as well (or it can become yet another distraction). Ultimately, the sahaj state or natural state is perhaps the best one---where you are resting in the quiet knowledge that you are awareness and yet going about your daily life doing things that need to be done.
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