The Reality Slap - Dr Russ Harris ---

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The Reality Slap - Dr Russ Harris ---

Post by smiileyjen101 » Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:04 am

Rarely have I happened upon a book and agreed with everything :wink: (so far) being said even though it's being said totally differently. It's definitions and exercises in the things being explained are so simple and clear. They are able to be correlated across diverse teachings, while not muddying the context of their uses.

The Reality Slap, is written by Dr Russ Harris, a medical practitioner, psychotherapist who uses the ACT principles and is author of the book The Happiness Trap, which I haven't read.

He bylines the book with "How to find fulfilment when life hurts', and for me the reality slap is the accompanying shock when our expectations and our reality are at a great distance. He muses it as when what we have, and what we want, are at a distance.

The ACT principles as described by Harris are 'Acceptance and Commitment Therapy' - it's way different to positive thinking and those sorts of ways, and along the way it explains many of the 'issues' that folks get caught up in when exploring mindfulness etc

It is based on scientific principles, and told with real humanity, compassion and humour.

While it is directed, possibly at those disappointed or hurting or dissatisfied with life, it's easy to understand concepts make a fabulous primer before, during or after needing it.

It's refreshingly inclusive with all of life, thoughts, emotions, etc being regarded with caring compassion and curiosity and brilliant simple practical exercises along the way.

For those with 'room' in their suffering if reality has slapped hard, it's wonderful, for those who only think life has slapped them hard, it will be incredibly enlightening and enhance the getting of wisdom and getting over the blockages or fantasies about awakening that many seem to fall into.

The wisdom is awakening to a life of awareness of presence, purpose and privilege (with 'privilege' merely being appreciation)
He discusses thoughts as helpful or unhelpful and how to diffuse attachment to the unhelpful one without making an enemy of them. He has helpful ways of explaining the 'stories' in a way that doesn't demonise them, and has helpful 'expansion' really simple exercises. He discusses emotions as a story with sensations, words and pictures and how to pay attention to them without being overwhelmed by them, with warmth, curiosity and openness - which is refreshing.

He also speaks of taking off the goggles - the shit coloured goggles that blind us to the 'whole' reality when we are perceiving things in a limiting and unhelpful way.

Russ' explanation of ACT and other goodies at this site - ... nt_therapy

Thoroughly recommend!
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Re: The Reality Slap - Dr Russ Harris ---

Post by kafi » Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:47 pm

Hi Jen,
thanks for the recommendation.

Currently, I am reading other books from the category 'How to find peace of mind when shit hits the fan'.
The books by Robert Schwartz,
Your Soul's Plan and Your Soul's Gift.

Both are about pre-birth planning of our life's challenges.
For example, why would someone plan to have a child who dies early?
Or why would someone plan to have an abusive parent?
Why would someone plan to be addicted to alcohol for 40 years of his life?

Schwartz interviews psychic mediums who have access to the pre-birth planning sessions.

I was thinking of you when I read the first book. About your child who died young. And I wanted to recommend the books to you.

And, btw, thanks for the recommendation of Born Knowing, by J. Holland. That was a great read.

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Re: The Reality Slap - Dr Russ Harris ---

Post by Enlightened2B » Sun Jan 11, 2015 7:27 pm

Oy, too many books!

Thanks Jen and kafi. I've just added both of your recommendations to my 'read next' list.

kafi, this books looks so awesome. I can't wait to read it.

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