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Books by Albert Haust

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:49 pm
by Albert Haust

Back in 2011 I self published two books. I made very little effort to market them and it seems as if few people became aware of them. Some people emailed me through my site and said they found the books very helpful.

I rewrote them and published second editions. One book is called "A Night in Heaven" and the other is called "Joining the Oneness-Beyond Nonduality." If anybody is interested, here is an amazon link. It would be great if you provided a review, because Amazon's search algorithm considers how many reviews are done.

Fans of Eckhart Tolle might find "Joining the Oneness-Beyond Nonduality" more interesting than "A Night in Heaven." Some of the things I say in Joining the Oneness don't completely agree with what Eckhart says. I first became interested in nondual teachings during the early 1980's after having some spiritual experiences that let me know that I am more than a body-based person, I am the spirit being who is aware of my body-based persona. I used to think in terms of I am not my mind, but then eventually realized that the awareness, creative and mind aspects of being are all parts of who we are. I don't mean that it is good to have a lot excess mind noise, I agree that many people tend to have more mind activity than they need. Regarding to what degree I agree with what Eckhart says, I suppose that would be partly a matter of how a person interprets Eckhart's teaching. Going by what I've seen, people do so in different ways. ... Caps%2C314