The Mandala of Being by Richard Moss, MD

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The Mandala of Being by Richard Moss, MD

Post by CFSLosAngeles » Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:30 am

Hi Everyone!

I was at Barnes and Noble last night and I picked up a wonderful new book called, "The Mandala of Being" by Richard Moss, MD. Here is an excerpt I like from the introduction:

"As our minds move further from the Now, we begin to function from a lower emotional register. Lower energy represents a shrinking of consciousness, so we feel smaller and isolated. We become dogmatic, inflexible, and self-proctective. Then we become the victims of fear, anger, distrust, neediness, and other potentially destructive emotions. The profound depths of our larger consciousness become less available to us, and even threatening. We lose our innate sense of delight in life. Instead of feeling connnected to ourselves and embracing life with the fullness of our beings, we live more and more from a false and contracted sense of self designed to keep us safe from whatever we don't want to feel."

Dr. Moss understands the difficulty of staying in presense and thus gives many tips for dealing with the negative emotions that keep us stuck in mind. He is a big beliver of dealing with these repressed feelings, rather than ignoring them. I have to plead guilty to doing this myself and am now begining the task/adventure of getting in there and examining and "bringing to the light" these previously "stuffed" emotions. As you can imagine, it feels quite good to finally deal with them, not in fear, but with love and acceptance.

Dr. Moss has a website that includes a video of him being interviewed:

Love and Serenity,


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