The Odyssey of Enlightenment - Madhukar Thompson

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The Odyssey of Enlightenment - Madhukar Thompson

Post by suraj » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:14 am

I was looking for this book , since the day I read one of it's excerpts at the link given at this forum itself -
http://eckhart-tolle-forum.inner-growth ... ran#p19595
The subtitle of the book is - Rare Interviews with Enlightened Teachers of our Time.
The book is a collection of interviews with 12 spiritual masters by the author Madhukar Thompson. A little background about the author - He is a native of Germany and in 1980, left the West in search of truth. He became a disciple of Osho and stayed with him till his death in 1990. After that , he met Papaji (the Guru of Gangaji) and stayed with him for 3 years. He met several other Masters in his quest of enlightnement. Some of the teachers which the people here at this forum would be familiar with are - Gangaji, Andrew Cohen, UG Krishnamurthi, Ramesh Balsekar.
An excellent book , I would say, which although clarifies lot of things , also shows the seemingly contradictory teaching of the Masters and the need to find the real Teacher within.
And yes, I love the interviews with Kiran , the article which led me to the book.

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Re: The Odyssey of Enlightenment - Madhukar Thompson

Post by borris83 » Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:46 am

I read the book a year before.. The interviews are excellent.. Madhukar was a disciple of Osho, then he went to Papaji..

But there is something funny.. When Madhukar was with Papaji, Papaji said that Madhukar has realized the Self; That he finally is There! M' started getting doubts on his enlightenment because he still found himself in duality and illusion..

The whole book was an effort to find out if enlightenment had really happened to him and if it hadn't, then was Papaji wrong..He interviewed various teachers and asked the same question, 'Why did Papaji say so?" .. He has finished the book with the same doubt that he had when he started the book and now he has started giving satsangs and writing books himself.. I found Madhukar's book in a bookstore in Thiruvannamalai and it says that Madhukar realised his self in the presence of Papaji.. Finally he has made the statement of Papaji 'Now you have got it!' as a license to teach others..

But a very funny thing is, someone asked Papaji, 'why did you tell some people that they were enlightened but when they were actually not'.. And Papaji replied, 'I just wanted to get rid of them, There were so many people who had come to make spirituality as a decoration for ego and this was the only way I thought would get rid of them'..

There is an interview with Andrew Cohen in that book.. That is something that I really enjoyed because it is a conversation of two funny people who think that they have finally got it! :lol:

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