God is an atheist by N. Nosirrah

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God is an atheist by N. Nosirrah

Post by Laughing Buddha » Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:24 pm

There are many good and worthwhile books on spirituality available these days, but it's quite rare to come across one that's as unique as "God is an atheist: A novella for those who have run out of time" by N. Nosirrah. To give you a sense of what kind of book this is, let me quote the blurb on the back of the book:

"A profound tragicomic romp through the bizarre landscape of religion, spirituality, and the contemporary clash of cultures of belief, with special attention to the human obsession with knowing what can't be known. Nosirrah provokes just about everyone as he describes a world where God is on the run from Islamic extremists, the Pope announces he shares a bed with Richard Dawkins, and Buddha's son disappoints by getting enlightened instead of becoming a doctor."

"God is an atheist" has humour, spiritual enquiry, philosophical conundrums and logic (or maybe the lack of it) all mixed up in a delightful stew that is both nourishing and exciting. It's a whimsical journey through contemporary spirituality and culture that holds nothing sacred and asks questions that most people probably might not even want answered. Nosirrah's writing style is fresh and original, but at the same time unpretentious and straightforward. Although this book is full of what can best be described as meaningful nonsense, there are also truly profound insights and comments to be found almost on every page. The book is even illustrated, by none other than A. Nosirrah, and while it has to be said that the artwork is on the far side of the naive and almost childish, and may not be to everybody's liking, somehow it seems to fit into the text very nicely all the same.

Who is N. Nosirrah? Does he even exist? Apart from noting that his name spelt backwards is Harrison, we can only guess. His web site is at http://www.nosirrahisnot.com/ but don't expect that anything you might find there will provide any clues about him or his whereabouts. He has only the following to say about himself on the back cover of the book:

"N. Nosirrah is an enigmatic writer and philosopher who asks his readers to question their existence, God's existence and in particular, Nosirrah's existence."

And as if that wasn't enough, he also claims that "Those who understand these writings have no need to meet me, those who do not understand have no reason to meet me, and those who need to meet me have no need to read my writings."

"God is an atheist" is a short book at only 119 pages, but quality wins over quantity every single time, and I for one would choose this little book over many a weighty tome by the celebrated hot shots in today's spiritual marketplace. Who knows, maybe Nosirrah really is not, but he delivers all the same.

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