"Falling Into Grace" by Adyashanti - March 2011

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"Falling Into Grace" by Adyashanti - March 2011

Post by Sighclone » Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:59 am

I love Adya’s new book; I read it cover to cover as soon as I bought it. Some themes are:

The ego creates a hypnotic trance – the vortex of suffering. He says: “The most common way that this vortex sucks us in is through emotionally based reactions like anger, greed, pride, hate, defensiveness and the desire for control.”

Later he echoes Byron Katie’s “the work” with hard questions about ourselves : “Who would I be without my beliefs?” And also he reminds us that the ego has a great deal of difficulty in accepting “what is.”

Some more quotes:

“All thoughts occur within something…within a vast space…a very, very deep sense of quiet.”

“You can stop suffering…all you have to do is give up your beliefs…even give up believing in your own name.”

“When I look under the veil of thinking,…I disappear as an imagined someone. What I find, if I’m anything at all, is that I’m a point of awareness…”

On the “disorientation” we have when we explore our self-image: “…there’s a great unwillingness in most of us to be disturbed in this way.” But he goes on to say this is the only final way out of suffering….”there is a fear of knowing what we really are.”

“The truth is that, ultimately speaking, ego is nothing but a state of consciousness.”

“We think we are in control, but it is an illusion. It’s a deception.”

He talks about experiencing the raw energy of emotion, letting it flow through us, not shrinking from it (echoing many other teachers, including Eckhart.). He mentions that it is easier to be intimate with reality than it is to be intimate with another human being (p. 153.)

Later he speaks of expressing what wants to be expressed, how time is the biggest barrier to awakening and the possibility of the freedom to be autonomous, or the unique flowering of an individual life.

The last couple of chapters are quite mystical, involve grace and even a personal prayer.

But you will have to buy it to find out what that was…

A person is not a thing or a process, but an opening through which the universe manifests. - Martin Heidegger
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Re: "Falling Into Grace" by Adyashanti - March 2011

Post by erict » Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:11 pm

My copy is still in the mail. I think I'll post some quotes and excerpts when I read it. Even though it says that the release date is April 1, they already started shipping out copies. If you're one of the many members who are excited to read the new Adya book, you can support the forum by ordering your copy from Amazon.com through this link:

Buy Falling into Grace from Amazon.com; support the forum
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Re: "Falling Into Grace" by Adyashanti - March 2011

Post by suraj » Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:36 am

An early review(just finished 2 chapters) -

I read TPON in 2005, ANE in early 2006 and Adyashanti's Emptiness Dancing in 2008. I was impressed with the "sophisticated" spiritual pointers given by Adyashanti in his book :) . Thank God, he didn't relentlessly pound on my ego all the time like ET did.

With "Falling into Grace", Adyashanti returns to the basics - the root of suffering. The first 2 chapters are a relentless assault on the mind and ego as sharp as some of Osho's books ("The Perfect Way").

Quotes -
..the noisy mind actually occurs within a very, very deep sense of quiet
..I'm a point of awareness, recognizing that everything I think about myself isn't really what I am; I recognize that the next thought I have could never truly describe me.
When we stop naming ourselves, who we think we are disappears until we begin to name ourselves again.
If we're to find a way beyond suffering, we're going to have a look at this sense of self that's really nothing but a collection of memories projected into the present moment and then into the future.
Adyashanti clearly identifies three ways in which we suffer -
The illusion of Control
Demanding that things be different
Arguing with what is
As long as we're asleep within our egos, we aren't really contributing either to ourselves or to anyone else
Excellent stuff. Highly recommended!

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Re: "Falling Into Grace" by Adyashanti - March 2011

Post by runstrails » Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:38 pm

I'll add my endorsement even though I've not finished the book. Its quite different from Adya's usual poetic style. It's much more structured and deconstructs awakening/enlightenment quite nicely. Its full of paradoxes and contradictions--but what book about awakening would not be! I especially like the latter part where he discusses how awakening keeps deepening--and its purpose (as it were). I'll add to my review as I keep reading more of the book.

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