William Samuel--On Authority

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William Samuel--On Authority

Post by SandyJoy » Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:03 pm

Excerpt From:
"A Guide To Awareness And Tranquillity" Page 64
By William Samuel


God, the reality being this single and only AWARENESS I AM, is the authority that blooms the bud, scatters the seed and flashes its Cosmic Light around the universe. This authority has never been vested in a human organization, be it a body with organs, a scientific institution, a financial institution, a marriage institution or a smother church. Furthermore, none of us has ever been unfaithful to this Divine Authority being Identity, nor "lapsed from the faith." How, in God's allness, can Identity lapse from Itself?

Undoubtedly, organizations (even as the body) perform legitimate, worthwhile services, but those services are abrogated to whatever extent we give the the organization power to enslave its members or to whatever extent we claim a position of superiority or inferiority for our own appearances of organization or views of Reality.

Isness, not people, is the genuine authority for individual action. The consciousness that reads these words stands as its own self-evident proof of being, Deity's awareness of existence. Its relationship to Being is not governed by the man-made laws of any intermediary, no matter how correctly (Divinely) authorized it is or professes to be. The communion between Reality and this consciousness-we-are is not now, and has never been, routed through any external church, philosophy, system, leader, ritual, institution or book-to include the Bible. Intercourse with Reality is direct, as direct as Allness is ever its own sameness. Enlightenment, the "mysterious agreement," is between IS and AM, the single ONE, Self-evident to and as this Awareness-I-am.

My proof of this fact is the Light I live as, and see enlightening my Experience. When this is understood, we find our Light appearing on the scene via books, institutions, friends and strangers at every turn of the road-and we know when that appearing is our own Within disclosing Itself to us in the language of the moment.

The "authority of the organization," whatever its appearing, reside in That being THIS consciousness. That which presents itself as intermediary-pope, church, institution, society, bible or canon of ancient law-exists powerlessly in "us" (Me) as images of this awareness-I-am.

William Samuel "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity" (First printed 1962)
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