The Crimson Circle - Adamus and Tobias

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The Crimson Circle - Adamus and Tobias

Post by EnterZenFromThere » Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:02 pm

Hello cosmic traveller,

My favourite teachers these days come to us through channels. Channels are humans who open themselves to the energies of other beings that then use the channel to communicate. For example, some people channel alien entities, others angels, or the ascended masters.

The ascended masters are angelic beings that have been to earth and lived as humans (like us). During their time here they raised themselves in consciousness and ascended. There are fewer than 10, 000 of these beings. They work with humans and the energies of earth to assist our journeys here. Particularly, to help awakening individuals ascend as they did.

Two such celestial beings are Tobias (who lived on earth around 50BC and is reported in the Bible in the Book of Tobit [removed from the Bible during the 16th century, but can still be found]) and Adamus Saint-Germaine (a legendary European courtier and mystic). These beings transcended physical reality and exist now as angels in the Crimson Council - a group of angels and celestial beings that specialise in assisting our awakening at this time. They contacted Geoffrey Hoppe in 1997 and he is able to channel their consciousness through his body to communicate their message in physical reality.

Tobias is a wonderfully upbeat and loving guy. The main message I've taken from him is that loving yourself is the best thing you can do for all of creation. That we are loved and that what we are doing here is greatly appreciated. I think my favourite moment with him was when he decided he'd try some coke. He offered it to himself and his angelic buddies 'this is Earth's sacred beverage' *sip* 'see how it bubbles...yeah I don't get it either' haha! He has such a love for life it is truly infectious. His presence alone sends waves of energy through my body.

Adamus is much more about tough love. He beats all the spiritual bullshit out of people. 'I don't know' as an answer to one of his questions results in a severe reprimand and sometimes being sent out (in both a jokey and serious fashion). The main message I feel from him is self love, total freedom from all belief systems and power, and personal responsibility.

They focus on the practical aspects of living this awakening, offering teaching and support.

I find the information from channels different from other teachers. It comes from a different perspective. One more intimate with Source (or so it seems to me). That isn't to say it is necessarily better, just different.

Ultimately the message is the same. You are your teacher. We are you, teacher you what you ask for. We'll be here for you until you don't need us.

Much love to you,


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