Adyashanti-Heart Opening

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Adyashanti-Heart Opening

Post by Enlightened2B » Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:37 pm

I saw this quote today on facebook from Adyashanti's page and it resonated with me. I don't particularly care for Adyashanti at times compared to other teachers and teachings, but sometimes he comes up with quotes that resonate with me. I've noticed in my own experience, while there are still compulsive thought patterns that bring about very strong emotions that grip me, I've been learning to see more and more that whatever arises, is perfectly valid because it exists as is. Meaning, even an anxious thought or emotion or fear that comes up, when I see it and say....."even that is ok" and I embrace it in love, I realize there is nothing that ultimately is not ok. There is only unconditional Love which I AM, because everything merely just exists as is. There's no judgment of what is allowed to arise and what is not. All exist (joy, fear) within the space of Love which is me. I AM not any one aspect of it although I might believe myself to be at times when I focus in on a single aspect of what is arising from an unconscious place and then I limit myself.

Anyway, here's Adyashanti's quote:
Ultimately, we're going to have to open our heart to the whole world, to everything that's happening in it, and to everything that has ever happened. We're going to have to open our heart to everything that could possibly happen. Why? Because we're not separate from anything or anyone. Anything you consider separate from you can scare and can intimidate you. But when you have the willingness to open your heart, to be intimate even with the things you don't like, with the people and events that frighten you, with the state of the world that may intimidate you, then you'll find a way in which the core of you has an avenue through which to express itself.

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Re: Adyashanti-Heart Opening

Post by dijmart » Tue Jun 23, 2015 6:08 am

Thanks for the quote, it resonates here also and, yes, let what has to arise, arise seeing that if it meets resistance then the mind/thought is fighting it. It surely will breathe life into it that way. Accepting it's presence with love will have it dissipate much quicker. Try not to create a story around the emotion and then it's just a feeling in the body that can be watched until it dissapears.
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