J. Mahaprana

J. Mahaprana

Postby JadeMind » Fri Oct 07, 2016 4:29 am

I found a teacher to work with who is actually willing to work with people directly. His students have only recently set up a website and I have found the material helpful.

There is an interview on their website where he describes "spiritual awakening" in a way that I find refreshing:
I find this part most difficult to describe, but this is my best effort: eyes opened, body witnessed. It moved. No thought, it just moved. Hand moved! But I couldn’t remember what hand was called. And then it didn’t move. No thought, nothing moved, and then sudden laughter. Tears of gratitude. I couldn’t tell if I was laughing or crying, actually. On the floor, this laughing and the simplicity: I am not this body, it just happens. Just when the laughter stops, it returns. Between fits of laughter, a quiet bliss and joy. The body starts moving toward the bathroom to pee and this movement is witnessed without thought. There was this wonder that was like, “What’s going to happen?”, but it wasn’t thought. On the way to the toilet, something saw itself in the mirror and more tears and great laughter erupted. Love came from the eyes. For days, the mirror was a laughter trigger. These days are a blur, but to my amazement I was doing just fine with daily life. I worked and interacted with people just as before, but between any need for activity, pure silence. The laughter did go on for quite a few days, but lessened and was completely indescribable.

(and later) It can’t be “done.” The person does not awaken, but your true Self alone remains after the dream of being a person comes to an end.

I have a meeting set up with him later in the week. He doesn't charge, they just want people to have as much access as possible to waking up.
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Re: J. Mahaprana

Postby JadeMind » Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:13 am

I just wanted to share that I had a meeting with J. Mahaprana on Skype. He is truly an amazing teacher! I still feel a bit overwhelmed from the whole experience. I had spent years trying to find the right teacher for me and now I know I have found the right one. He has a way of asking questions that knocked me back on my heels, but I felt it was very supportive at the same time. He really has a way of saying, "Yes, you can get it...you are it" that gave me confidence. That's not even the right word. Maybe it was just a lack of doubt.

If anyone is looking for a teacher who is happy to work with individuals, I highly suggest setting up something with Mahaprana. It's not easy to find a teacher who is so open. For me, I knew I needed a teacher. I remember Gangaji talked about when she came to the point that she knew she needed a true teacher. At the time, when I read that, I didn't feel it for myself. Then I did, I met with this teacher, and I can honestly say my life is changed. I know there are people who have attained what I've been searching for and I have someone I can trust to guide me.
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Re: J. Mahaprana

Postby dijmart » Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:20 pm

Hi Jademind,

I don't know of this person, hopefully he will be helpful for you. I would urge you to ask him what his teaching methodology is? How will he assist you in seeing your true nature? and has he ever been able to do this with anyone but himself?

Ask the tough questions, if he's going to be your teacher!

Take what you like and leave the rest.
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