Read Barry Long

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Re: Read Barry Long

Post by Sighclone » Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:47 pm

I spoke recently to Gary Weber ("Happiness Beyond Thought") - Gary is much like Barry Long though less bombastic. Eckhart's gentle style and delicate phrasings are very different from both Barry and Gary who are much more direct. I should be fair to Gary and say he is also quite gentle, but both he and BArry Long are very clear about the end of thought. Eckhart's style has much broader appeal, but the ultimate message is diluted compared to these other teachers.

That said, I do also like Barry Long.

Namaste, Andy
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Re: Read Barry Long

Post by earth_man » Fri May 22, 2009 11:04 pm

A new Barry Long video clip has been uploaded to youtube, the first ten minutes of a recently released DVD, entitled, 'Life is Joy'.

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Re: Read Barry Long

Post by Mouse » Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:47 pm

Barry Long was especially relevant because making love is fully covered in his teaching. He is not talking about tantric stuff like positions and kundalini. All he is really saying is 'love her, not sex her' and then goes on to fully explain the difference between love and sex.

He makes a distinction between the transcendental God out of existence which is widely reported, and then the God in existence that appears for man as Woman. He referred to this aspect of woman as the 'Female' or the God immanent in every woman. And stated that this was the rarest recorded realisation on earth. He certainly has offered the human race something new and original.

Barry obviously was not concerned with popularity and huge crowds and he said it like it is, like a true Aussie, but you can see that he truly loves woman and truly loves God and his depth of knowledge was astounding.

His article After God Realisation, What Next? shows his profound knowledge of the subject.
Here is an extract from that article:

"Human existence is impelled by the sexual drive. The sexual drive is identical with the drive for power. Humanity is attached to the sexual drive. This is an unconscious bond. The bond has to be made conscious. The realised being has to come down, as it were, into the fiery centre of it all and rescue the existential being. It's a mighty task. And because of the prolonged emotional and often crazed reactions of the existential being, only man who has realised the selflessness of divine equilibrium can cope, persist and, as it were, finish the job......"
I have been inspired by Barry Long's teaching and I write this so as to acknowledge my source of inspiration. It is a wonderful help, and it is a wonderful gift.

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Re: Read Barry Long

Post by Cheshirecat » Fri Dec 24, 2010 5:30 pm

I too am loving barry long which of his books/downloads talks about addiction and the pygmy?

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Re: Read Barry Long

Post by goldieflower » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:00 pm

Listening daily to Barry. I laughed when I found this, as points were drilled into me by family, especially my elderly prim and proper "Old World" aunts. Add "Don't pick at your fingernails." to number six.
Vpopov81 wrote:Dissolving Personality Exercises by Barry Long.

1. Stop talking about the past. Each time you hear yourself indulging in this, stop. Be extreme to break the habit. Stop talking about your sad story. Stop talking about it is the beginning of stop thinking about it.

2. Be true to the situation, not to your personal likes and dislikes. What does the situation require? It may not be what suits you personally. The personality wants you to express your dislike of a situation. Either do what the situation requires, or quit. No negativity.

3. Give up being dishonest. Anytime you are angry, resentful or depressed, you are not being honest. Anger arises because you are not getting your own way. Instead of being angry you should be concerned with which practical action you can take. If there is no practical action you can take, your desire is impractical at this time. To be honest you must face that fact and give up your wanting.

4. Don't talk unless you have something to say. The personality is always talking. Talking consumes enormous energy so this exercise is to learn to talk less. Talking is talking about something, having a discussion, giving your opinion, speculating, rationalizing, and repeating what youve heard. In this exercise you learn the difference between talking and speaking. Instead of talking about what the politicians should do unless you yourself are doing something to right the situation, you can write them, or cast your vote, then youll be taking action and able to speak form your experience, otherwise your a talker, only action or speaking what you live is true.

5. No more complaining or blaming. Complaining about your life and blaming other people and life for your problems and difficulties is one of the major leakages of energy. When you catch yourself doing this, stop. The truth is you are responsible for your life. If you blame someone for your life you are giving up responsibilty by giving responsibility to others. To be responsible is to be responsible for everything that happens in your life. There may be things that happen that seem to come from other agencies but you'll have to do your best to sort them out, thats life. You don't complain when you get a promotion at work do you? You don't blame the boss, you feel you deserved it, so how can you duck out from being responsible for all the not so good things that happen to you. Its the personality being 2 faced, not being straight. It presents life as its not, and gets away with it while you continue to blama and complain.

6. Don't allow your fingers to fiddle with a pencil or other knick knack. Don't drum your fingers on the table. Don't when seated quiver or tremble your leg. Don't crack your knuckles.

7. Don't chew gum, unless you chew it to get the flavor and freshen the mouth, then spit it out. Don't lick your fingers after touching food. Don't ask for tasting form other peoples plate, either go half anf half or order osmething for yourself. That is the personalities greed and craving for experience not being responsible for what it wants.

8. Don't fidget when talking to people.

9. Conversational habits. Remembering that the personality depends upon habitual unconsiosness. Stop using habitual expressions like honey, sweetheart, dude, dawg. Don't use such terms. Don't soothe people with words when you are about to confess something bad. Don't say "To be honest", or "with all due respect" as if you are not usually honest or respectful. Such phrases have no real menaing and are actually the personality talking.

10.Don't frown, screw up your face, or look at the ceiling before you answer a question. This is the personality pretending to appear deep in thought. Don't say things like "hmmmmm" These serve no purpose and waste vital energy

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Re: Read Barry Long

Post by rideforever » Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:35 pm

I like Barry Long as well, I have some of his books like "Only Fear Dies".

( ET also had another teacher - actually some books that he read when he was young by someone called "Bo Yin Ra"... I have all those books as well. )

I particularly like his engagement in a masculine way with worldly issues like sex. There seem to be very few men who can do that, and for me his masculine leadership is his contribution - and highlights the absence of mature men in our culture.

But ... for me he like ET does not explore as deeply as some, and leaves many questions unanswered. I suppose he trusts - and that is enough to quiet many people.
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