Galen Sharp - ET in different words

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Galen Sharp - ET in different words

Post by dubhasa » Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:32 pm

I wanted to share with you one page that I found on internet. I know nothing about Galen Sharp and that doesn't really matter. What is important is to see and expereience how all paths lead to the same conclusion.

Article follows -

Galen Sharp

Galen was a former disciple of Wei Wu Wei and former evangelical who sought a deeper meaning behind Jesus’ teachings.

An Exploration of NON-VOLITIONAL LIVING Galen Sharp (C) 1993, Galen Sharp


"Nothing perceived can be me or mine" Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"Cease identification with all phenomonality" Wei Wu Wei

Why are we so unhappy? Because not everything
goes our way. Because we dread doing the things we don't want
to do, but have to do. And we can't do many things we want to
do. All this boils down to the fact that we feel we are a person
with desires that conflict with our circumstances and our responsibilities.
In other words our 'volition' is not always in line with what
is happening or what should be done. An understanding of what-we-are
and what the mind is can free us from this false sense of volition
and remove the burden of our responsibilities. Then, we actually
will be happy. Without even trying!

1. You are not the mind.

We have been taught that the mind is ourself, thinking.

We cannot be the mind because we are what is perceiving the mind. Look for yourself right now! You are looking at thoughts from a higher (prior) level. We cannot perceive ourself just as our eye cannot see itself because it is what is looking. The mind cannot be ourself. The Chinese Ch'an master Hsi Yun (Huang Po) said, "A perception cannot perceive."
So, are you the perceptions (thoughts and feelings) or what is
perceiving them?

We feel we are the mind because of the
way the mind itself works. The mind understands things by comparing
perceptions and creating objective concepts of them so it can
compare one concept with another. This is knowledge. Naturally,
it soon creates a concept of itself as 'me' and there the trouble
begins. Thus, the mind associates the sense of 'me' with its
operation and with the body and we believe and feel we are an
individual, thinking, acting entity. This is the origin of all
our suffering. Once we feel we are an individual we begin to
see and evaluate everything as it relates to us as an individual.
We become a thing in a universe of things. A very small, vulnerable,
but supremely important (at least to ourself) individual, in
a vast, infinite, seemingly purposeless, uncaring cosmos. We
lose our original, true sense of identity with the Absolute.

2. The mind goes its own way

By watching our thoughts over a period
of time, we can see that the mind is operating literally 'by
itself '. Thoughts 'just appear' and keep on appearing automatically.
We have this feeling that it is 'me' who is thinking, but this
is just a conditioned reflex caused by the concept of ourself
as an individual. By watching thoughts we can see how they appear
unbidden, uncalled. Just try not thinking for a even a few seconds
and see that it is impossible. No 'me' is controlling them. We
may have the illusion of purposely thinking about a particular
subject, but notice that the idea to purposely think about something
comes by itself. Then we do it, automatically, but with the false
feeling we are the 'decider'. That feeling of being the 'decider'
is not us, it belongs to the mind. It is something we are perceiving.

This is not proven in just a few minutes
of thought watching. It often takes many months of diligent watching
to really see it and to be convinced. This is because the conditioned
feeling of being the 'thinker' is so deep that the very idea
that the mind goes its own way seems ridiculous. But the payoff
of this single discovery is enormous in terms of liberation and
deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe.

The very idea that the mind is operating
by itself is unacceptable for most people because it seems to
remove the control of the mind from the individual and allows
the individual to cease accepting responsibility for his actions.
Then they will do all the 'bad' things they want. This is a valid
reason from the point of view of an 'individual'. Actually, because
the mind conceives of itself as an individual, it uses this fear
of harm to itself or reward for itself as a form of inhibition
to keep from doing things that would be 'wrong' (ultimately harmful
to it or to its image of itself). However, this is not you, it
is the mind regulating itself. This is where feelings of bondage
and frustration come from. Because the mind conceives of itself
as an individual, it accumulates conflicting needs and desires.
The purpose is not just to release the inhibitions that keep
us under control, but to dissolve the mind's illusion of itself
as an individual in charge of and identified with the mind. That
will, at the same time begin to dissolve the inhibitions as well
as the need for them because the conflicting needs and desires
will go with the illusory self!

3. You are not the doer.

You have never done anything! Because
the mind has conceived itself to be an individual it also conceives
of itself as the Thinker and also the 'Actor' or 'Doer'. Yet
it is not anyone. The mind is not a 'thing' or entity but a process.
The thinking process. Simply a process that is happening automatically,
the same as the heart is beating automatically. This is why we
cannot live the perfect life even though we have been taught
how a 'good' person should act. We know we shouldn't get angry
at our spouse or our children whom we love, but despite the greatest
resolve, we still do. Why? Because we are not the thinker of
our thoughts nor the doer of our actions. Because they are not
our thoughts or our actions. We are not even the experiencer
of the experience. What are we? We are what is perceiving the
mind and that is not anyone.

We are what is perceiving the doing,
but we are not the doer. We never were. We have never done the
bad things and we have never done the good things either. Thoughts
are affected by the environment (such as this article), inner
habits and tendencies, and by the mind's concept of a 'me', but
not by any actual 'me'. We are incapable of interfering with
the mind. Why? Because there is no one to interfere. We aren't
anyone. Thus, we absolutely cannot have any volition. The concept
of being an individual is an invention of the mind itself. It
is an artifact of the way the mind works. The feeling of volition
is an illusion spawned by this concept of 'me'.

We can never find our own will (volition)
in any action. Every so called action is actually an automatic
re-action of the mind with an accompanying feeling of volition.
It is not 'me', it is the mind automatically going its own way!
Simply watch the mind. Be aware of it. That's all that can be
done because that is all we are doing right now. That is all
we ever do. That is all we have ever done. It is the mind that
thinks and feels otherwise and we are what is aware of what the
mind thinks and feels. We are perfectly open, empty and still.
We are not in space or time. We can never be affected in any
way. We have no needs or desires whatever. We just shine brilliantly,

We are what perceives what is appearing.
In fact, it is because of this perceiving that anything at all
appears. What we are is the beingness of what appears. The isness,
or the am-ness, if you will of the very sense of 'I am'. Another
way to put it is that we are the Awareness in which everything
appears (the here-now, the sense of presence, consciousness).
See that we are simply and only the awareness of the mind while
it goes its own way. Every sensation and feeling it has belongs
to it, to manifestation ...not to ourself. With everything that
appears in any way, we can say 'Not me, not me.'

We are the Watcher, not the thinker,
or the doer, or the experiencer.

Once this is deeply and completely understood,
the mind can let go of its sense of volition and its sense of
being an individual, relax and just be knowledge. Everything
happens by itself. Everything happens as it should. Everything
happens as it must.

When the mind lets go of its sense of
self and volition there is the deepest sense of complete peace
and fulfillment. It is the Bliss spoken of by the ancient masters.
All fear disappears.

We are now looking from our true Source
(as we always were but didn't realize) the timeless, spaceless
Absolute. The unmanifest. This is what we all are. This is the
ultimate source of our light of awareness. We are perceiving
the manifest from its source, the unmanifest and it unfolds spacially
and temporally as it eternally IS.


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Post by eseward » Thu Jul 26, 2007 6:12 pm

Outstanding article, dubhasa. Many thanks for posting.

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I agree with eseward, outstanding. Thanks for posting, and welcome to the board.


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Post by Student » Sat Jul 28, 2007 1:51 am

Welcome Dubhasa.

Wow! Great Post.

Student :)

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Post by OnlyNow » Sun Jul 29, 2007 2:08 pm

says it all

Thanx dubhasa
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