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John Wheeler

Post by weopposedeception » Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:32 am

I had the pleasure of attending satsang with John Wheeler this weekend in Scottsdale. It was more of an informal discussion, very laid back, friendly atmosphere. That's the kind of guy John is. He focuses on the basic Advaita message- you are presence/awareness and everything else is an appearance on that. Helped clear up some things for me concerning the mind and conditioning. Thoughtforms need a personal "me" to claim them in order gain any significance, otherwise they are like smoke on the horizon. I am the now. The now has no problem accepting itself.

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Re: John Wheeler

Post by Craig » Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:12 pm

I have found that John Wheeler speaks in plain terms and cuts to the heart of spirituality. He's not interested in giving you practices, meditations, self-inquiry, any of that. He's only interested in pointing out what you are, right here and right now, and helping to resolve any questions that might come up along the way. I have found his pointers very effective. The following is an excerpt from his book Awakening to the Natural State. Because this section is available as a free sample download from, re-posting it here should not constitute a copyright infringment.

I met many teachers, but it wasn’t until I met Bob Adamson that I was convinced that I was dealing with someone who had fully realized his true nature. Something radically shifted for me because I came face-to-face with the vitality, the confidence, the energy of that understanding. It was a remarkable experience and quite different from anything I had encountered in my years of seeking. The first day after I arrived, we had a chance to meet and talk. As we sat together, he looked me in the eyes and said point blank, ‘Do you have any doubts or questions? Is there anything you need to know?’ It was somewhat disarming because I realized he was free of doubts and was essentially offering me a chance to have the same experience for myself right then and there. The implication, it seemed to me, was ‘The seeking is over, the reading is over. You are here. Are you ready to go for this completely here and now?’ Fortunately, I jumped at the chance. I cast aside my theoretical knowledge and got down to getting off my chest my real doubts, questions and problems.

Surprisingly, things cleared up very quickly. Being face-to face with that clarity – coupled with my own desire to be free– allowed things to shift quickly. The basic teaching is very simple, almost too simple. It is so simple the mind overlooks it. What I didn’t realize was that it has nothing to do with reading, meditating, doing something, working something out, stilling the mind, and so on. All of the techniques are looking in the wrong direction. Nisargadatta Maharaj used to say, ‘Understanding is all’. In essence, Bob was saying, ‘Right now in your direct experience see what your real nature is. What are you right now? What have you always been?’ The thinking mind is useless for this because seeing or looking is not a conceptual function at all. It is more like seeing an apple in your hand. You just look, not think.

Right now, as you read this, you exist and you are aware that you exist. You are undoubtedly present and aware. Before the next thought arises, you are absolutely certain of the fact of your own being, your own awareness, your own presence. This awareness is what you are; it is what you always have been. All thoughts, perceptions, sensations and feelings appear within or upon that. This awareness does not move, change or shift at any time. It is always free and completely untouched. However, it is not a thing or an object that you can see or grasp. The mind, being simply thoughts arising in awareness, cannot grasp it or know it or even think about it. Yet, as Bob says, you cannot deny the fact of your own being. It is palpably obvious, and yet, from the time we were born, no one has pointed this out. Once it is pointed out it can be grasped or understood very quickly because it is just a matter of noticing, ‘Oh, that is what I am!’ It is a bright, luminous, empty, presence of awareness; it is absolutely radiant, yet without form; it is seemingly intangible, but the most solid fact in your existence; it is effortlessly here right now, forever untouched. Without taking a step, you have arrived; you are home. No practice can reveal this because practices are in time and in the mind. Practices aim at a result, but you (as presence-awareness) are here already, only you don’t recognize it till it is pointed out. Once seen, you can’t lose it, and you don’t have to practice to exist, to be. This is, in essence, what Bob pointed out to me in the first conversation I had with him.
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Re: John Wheeler

Post by kiki » Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:03 pm

Thanks for a great post, Craig. John Wheeler's teacher was "Sailor" Bob Adamson.
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Re: John Wheeler

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