Dr. Greg Goode

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Dr. Greg Goode

Post by DWBH1953 » Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:59 am

I have always like Greg for his amazing insights and clarity when it comes down to explaining non duality in words.

The Enlightenment Secret

You are not a separate being. You are Being, and never separate. This is the Enlightenment, the happiness, in which all apparent things consist. It is the very Being of you.

It's a secret not because there's anyone hiding anything. It's been proclaimed by sages around the world for millennia. Rather, it's a secret because enlightenment is often misunderstood to be a matter of personal achievement, like scoring the ultimate goal. But there's no person there! There's not even a "there" or a spatial location where a person can reside. There is no individualized or separate "you" or "me"; no goal, no task and no achievement.

There are no things, and no gaps separating things.


How to "see" this? Experience confirms this at every moment.

The world, body, and mind appear as sensations, feelings and thoughts. These appearances are all arisings in awareness. The person does not see these arisings. Rather, the person is made up out of these arisings, including the supposed act of seeing. If these arisings are investigated, it can be seen that they do not reach outside themselves. They cannot point to each other, touch each other or contain each other. It is only memory that suggests that there has ever been another arising. But memory itself is nothing more than an arising. It cannot truly point backwards or forwards to anything, for during this apparent pointing, there are no objects to be pointed to. There is truly nothing in experience that establishes that there has ever been anything other than THIS. There is no evidence that there were ever even two arisings. If there cannot be two arisings, how can there be even one? What is left? Awareness, our true nature.

Dr. Greg Goode
Do not meditate-be!
Do not think that you are-be!
Do not think about being-you are!
Sri Ramana

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Re: Dr. Greg Goode

Post by Javonni » Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:43 am

The world, body, and mind appear as sensations, feelings and thoughts. These appearances are all arisings in awareness.
I like this description for feelings,etc.

Thanks Randiji.

When someone asks me who they are or what God is, I smile inside and whisper to the Light: "There you go again pretending."

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