decisions, opportunities, career, & life direction guidance?

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decisions, opportunities, career, & life direction guidance?

Post by jamestown0101 » Thu May 12, 2011 5:02 pm

I have been faced with man obstacles this year. I come to a fork in the road now. If I keep making the same decisions, keep living the same way, I'll keep finding myself in the same situations. I need to make some changes in my life. I am talking from career wise, education, social, physical, economical/financial, and others. I just want to make the right decisions where by possible. I know mistakes are natural and part of life. I've noticed, there are many troubled souls in this world, some whom like to cause problems, seek drama, and all sorts of negativity. I have some big and small decisions to make for myself in the next little while. Anyone with any sort of guidance, resources, and other, please share. I could use a little direction. I intend to speak with my martial arts instructor/sensai. I know, nobody can give you the path or lead you to it. We all most walk it alone. Still, I am just know changes in order, and I think with all the small decisions and large, my life will be impacted in so many ways. I hope for the positive. lol Thank you.

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Re: decisions, opportunities, career, & life direction guida

Post by Sighclone » Wed May 18, 2011 7:48 am

jtown -

Sorry no one has posted in respnse yet. I've been off in another forum, but have resigned from it and returned.

The first questions to ask are from the conventional world. 1)What are your family obligations as you see them? 2) What impact (i.e. suffering) would be caused to other people by some of your options if they do not turn out well? 3) If you knew it could come true, what would you do with your life? (Be sure to answer that by assuming that it could in fact happen -- this will give you an idea where your heart really is by intercepting any negative ego-stories. 4) Make a list of your personal psychological challenges and 5) make a list of your personal strengths. (4 and 5 are ego-based, but still useful.)

Also, assess your spiritual condition. Have you had permanent breakthroughs? Are you a witness to your ego in all its forms? (Because impulses from those spontaneous, conditioned ego-pattern behaviors will continue to surface for some becomes a question of how you respond to them for a while.) How important is spiritual growth / knowledge of ultimate truth to you?

What brings you joy today?

The answers to those kind of questions will help you with smaller ones, like what to do with your life... :) .

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Re: decisions, opportunities, career, & life direction guida

Post by xkatex » Wed May 18, 2011 9:06 am

I'm at a similar time in my life too; there's a lot of focus on future as I'm slap bang in the middle of exam period in school. I'm not sure what university I want to go to, or even what I want to do afterwards, but trying to get there through thought isn't going to work, even though it's being encouraged by everyone around me. Sure, when I'm present for a while and I finally get the answer it may come as a thought form, but it will be from a deeper place, you get me?

Just continue doing what you're doing, being completely present through whichever portal you choose. I trust that life will take you where you need to go; you might not go to work tomorrow, life may take you to a job centre, life may take you to a chance encounter with someone who knows someone who knows someone. You may continue what you're doing for a while.

Peace :)

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