Enlightenment and Straight jackets

I just love Adya and I think he deserves his own forum.
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Re: Enlightenment and Straight jackets

Post by ZenOfchaos » Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:12 am

Sorry for the delay in reply. I've been busy but mostly avoiding it through fear and confusion. My work takes up most of my time, even at home. I must rectify this for my own sanity!

Thanks for the replies. Any help to get through the fear I will take. I'll get to the truth one way or another (figuratively speaking).

Interestingly my ego, fear and separation where all at their peak the last time I really has a glimpse or non-abiding awakening. Don't want to have to go via that path again!

If you could pm me sighclone some non-dual therapists I would glad accept their guidance.

Thank you all.

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Re: Enlightenment and Straight jackets

Post by kiki » Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:26 pm

If you could pm me sighclone some non-dual therapists I would glad accept their guidance.
I suggest sending sighclone a PM with your request just in case he doesn't check in here to see your post. Good luck.
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Re: Enlightenment and Straight jackets

Post by Sighclone » Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:52 am

List below:

I have no direct personal clinical experience as a client of any of these people, and none are endorsed. They appear below only because they have offered credentials in both nonduality and psychotherapy. I have spoken to many of them, however, either on the phone, online, or at the annual Science and Nonduality Conference in San Rafael.

The first seven counselors have all contributed essays to "Listening From the Heart of Silence." John Prendergast was the editor. You would do well to read that to help you decide whom to contact…also their first book, “The Sacred Mirror” These books are written for psychotherapists and their clients….very readable…deeply embedded in the nondual tradition.

Most of them belong to or are affiliated with the Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy Institute, here: http://wisdompsy.vpweb.com/default.html

1. Peter Fenner can be reached at 877-723-6463 and
http://www.radiantmind.net/index.php/ra ... d/contact/

2. John Prendergast can be reached at (USA) 415-453-8832 or johnprendergast@comcast.net.

3. Kenneth Bradford can be reached at (USA) 925-283-9377 or ken@bradfordphd.com.

4. Mariana Caplan can be reached at (USA) 415-320-5966 or realspirituality.com.

5. Timothy Conway can be reached at 805-564-2125 pr t.conway1@cox.net.

6. Dorothy Hunt can be reached through the San Francisco Center for Meditation and Psychotherapy at 415-567-8404, which is a page on her website: dorothyhunt.org.

7. Sheila Krystal can be reached at 510-540-0855, or shekrystal@aol.com.

8. Stephan Bodian can be reached at stephenbodian.org and 415-451-7133.

* * * * * * * * * *

Another fine nondual counselor is John Welwood at johnwelwood.com. (“Toward a Psychology of Awakening” and others) – well known to those above, also practicing in California.

* * * * * * * *

Chuck Hillig is still counseling, also, and his contact information is:

Chuck Hillig
540-972-3220 = Home & Fax
Skype Address = chuck.hillig
chuckhillig@yahoo.com = Email
http://www.chuckhillig.com = Personal
http://www.blackdotpubs.com = Books

* * * *

In Chicago:

Meghan Roekle, PsyD
North Suburban Family Psychologists
4433 Touhy Ave
Suite 500
Lincolnwood, IL

* * * *

Bonnie Greenwell, PhD specializes in the kundalini aspects of awakening – her website is: http://www.kundaliniguide.com/services.html

And Dr. Greg Goode can be reached through his website:


He is the author of “Standing as Awareness” and has a practice in New York, but can work over the phone and other media. He has a new book: "The Direct Path."

There is also Dr. Michael Hall, website here: http://www.awakentotruth.com/

I saw a video of him speaking and was impressed…but, as for all the others, have no direct personal experience with them in a counseling capacity.

And Dr. Gregory Tucker (who was interviewed at batgap.com.) Dr. Tucker can be reached through his website here:

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Re: Enlightenment and Straight jackets

Post by ZenOfchaos » Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:52 am

Thanks Andy.

I should have mentioned that I'm not in the US :oops:

But will check out those who skype/online :)

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