Adyashanti-letting go

I just love Adya and I think he deserves his own forum.
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Adyashanti-letting go

Post by Enlightened2B » Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:24 am

I've been really focused lately on surrender and letting go in my own life and I find Adyashanti's meditations to be very helpful.

Here's a link to a really cool one. I didn't listen to the last half of it, but I'm posting it because of his guided meditation in the first half hour of this video, in 'allowing everything to be as it is'.

It's this simple pointer which has helped me greatly. It's the ultimate pointer which is at the heart of most of these teachings I find, and something that requires practice on some level as well.

The notion of 'letting go' can often make people tense. It's like....when someone says....'relax'....often you will try very hard to relax. And what happens? You tense up more. Or when trying to sleep. If someone tells you....'you need to sleep now'....often times, you can try too hard to fall asleep and what happens? You stay awake.

Instead....true letting go, as I'm gradually finding in my own life, is the process of accepting and most of all allowing, by delving deep into presence. That's where true relaxation happens.

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Re: Adyashanti-letting go

Post by Testigo » Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:58 am

I have listened to this video two times. Very profound, and clear, although... repetitive. Both times it made me sleep, perhaps because it is so relaxing.

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